Can the prophet in WoW accurately predict the new content?
    • Last updated May 5, 2020
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Can the prophet in WoW accurately predict the new content?

Posted By Helodie Jaqucline     May 5, 2020    


Whenever night falls in World of Warcraft, Freyja will go to the busiest street corner in the game and yell at the players around. She tried to attract the attention of other players through this behavior, so that her prophecies about the upcoming end of the world were widely spread. She claimed that Sylvanas would destroy the Lich King ’s helmet and break the passage to the afterlife. The purpose of war criminals is to use the passage to escape, and the passage to the afterlife is broken, which Cheap WOW Classic Gold means that the current residents of Azeroth will be greatly affected.

According to Freyja, Azeroth is about to face the most terrible disaster. When this day arrives, the souls of all citizens will be sucked into hell and head to the afterlife, and they will reach a place they have never seen before.

For Freyja's prediction, people usually choose to ignore it, and this time some people showed strong opposition. A dwarf with pink hair kept following her and threw vegetables at her, even booing her, looking like an annoyed lion.

In fact, Freyja is one of many ordinary players in World of Warcraft, but she chose the RP server. In a role-playing server, everyone has to live like a real inhabitant of Azeroth. They need to use the vocabulary and language that only appear in fantasy adventure novels. They can form a team to take an adventure together, or they can drink and chat in the tavern like real friends. Freyja portrayed herself as a prophet and spread her doom in every corner of the town.

To this end, Freyja and other like-minded friends in the game formed a team. As the expansion of the battle for Azeroth ended, she and this small group of players tried to make new predictions for Azeroth's future. Without obtaining any information related to the newly expanded content, Freyja believes that after the war, all residents of the mainland of Azeroth will face new major threats, even life threatening. In general, although Freyja and her team members have been showing strange behavior and information to the public, these are acceptable in World of Warcraft's role-playing server. They are like a small, obscure cult, claiming that they have the gift of prediction, and always stick to their position.

Freyja said that she was inspired by NPCs that originally existed in World of Warcraft. Players can always get useful signs or predictions from these NPCs. To imitate these NPCs and show mystery, Freyja and her friends wore grim robes and hoods and walked through the streets of Stormwind. After attracting enough audiences, they began to announce threats in the upcoming new expansion. For most players, WoW Classic Gold is a very important game resource. Collecting WOW Classic Gold For Sale takes time and effort, but MMOWTS products will meet your needs.

Although many players have already seen the newly expanded trailer on the official website of World of Warcraft, it is difficult to speculate exactly what happened to these characters based on the existing information. This is an interesting topic for players in the role-playing server.