Understanding Microsoft SPLA and Implementing It
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    • Last updated June 21, 2022
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Understanding Microsoft SPLA and Implementing It

Posted By Boerger Consulting     June 21, 2022    


A service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) is the arrangement a service provider company must provide their non-employee users (the people who don’t work in your company but uses your software). These people can be customers or other affiliates. 

In their cases, the Regular Volume License Agreements (RVLA) will not work. Suppose your clients are using Microsoft products from you. In that case, you have to provide them with a Microsoft SPLA – because Microsoft will consider you a ‘service provider’ if you sell any product or services that use any of their software. 

1.What’s the problem?

RVLA is best when you need to buy software in bulk with heavy discounts and distribute them among the workers. However, when people not related to your company use it – it comes under SPLA, and the rules for this avenue are not the same. The company may face non-compliance risks, license confusion, and expensive financial penalties for its IT department.

Sometimes, providing Microsoft software to affiliate employees is just common sense – but the license audit company may claim that you haven’t followed the Microsoft SPLA and impose a heavy fine on the client. 

2.A comprehensive way of resolution

These problems are easily solved by the most experienced writer-friendly advice of Mr. Jeremy Boerger, creator of ‘Pragmatic ITAM Method’ and the leading man of Boerger Consulting. He outlines the different topics on basic ITAM and the various ways to solve them. You can regain control over your IT and keep it ongoing - because the developer teaches the client teams about the different licensing issues and how to bypass them without any extra cost. 

Final thoughts

The skilled ITAM developer works alongside your IT team and teaches them the different details to stop a licensing problem.