Players are looking forward to the NAT MCS champion player with Madden 20

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Players are looking forward to the NAT MCS champion player with Madden 20

Posted By CSCA CSCA     May 6, 2020    


EA launched the promotion of champion player cards two weeks ago. New challenges and MUT Coins will be showcased in this event. The event summarized the world's best series. Players can get a lot of rewards including high-scoring player cards. The following content gives a detailed presentation of the latest information about the Ultimate Team promotion and NAT MCS Champions players.

The MCS Champions player program is part of this Madden 20 Championship Bowl promotion. They are Khalil Mack of the Chicago Bears, Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys and Marshon Lattimore of the New Orleans Saints. Each of these players will receive a new 96 OVR item with an upgraded attribute level. However, the information of these new Madden 20 Ultimate Team cards has not yet been fully announced. But the good news is that these player cards can also improve the "superstar ability".

Thanks to the release of the Madden 20 Champions Bowl in the Ultimate Team. Players simply log in to the game to put the Gridiron Pack in their pockets. MCS champion player cards can be exchanged with two Gridiron Packs. Players can earn another MCS token after reaching the 60 star level in the new Madden 20 Championship Bowl challenge. Find the play tag and challenge entry in Ultimate Team. You can find it by flipping the "Crazy Bowl" option up and down.

Players have at least four sequences to play. The first sequence is a crazy classic competitor with a total value of five stars and more than 1,000 Madden Coins and two different challenges. The next sequence will start before completing the previous sequence. A total of 14 challenges appeared in the Madden Bowl. The previous paragraph said that as long as you reach 60 stars, you can get an MCS token. At this time, you can choose Khalil Mack, Ezekiel Elliott or Marshon Lattimore.

Tell the players good news again. Madden 21 will be released soon! However, in order to prevent players from wasting unnecessary money when the game is actually released, you can save more MUT 21 Coins while many agents are currently doing activities. The focus at this stage is still Madden 20. Buy Madden Coins will improve our competitiveness. This will also prepare for the next game.