The real experience of becoming a sugar daddy

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The real experience of becoming a sugar daddy

Posted By tu ruiqi     Jun 23    


If you want to spend a night with a girl it was setting me back 2k a night with the brothel taking half


Enter the sugar daddy site. I was there for 5 years. In those five years, I saw approx 150 girls.


Two were a longer terms of 18 months where they became like a girlfriend. Once I stopped paying her any allowance and she was happy to continue.


The reality of sugar dating site is many guys use it exactly like they do for seeing prostitutes. They use it for one off casual hookups.


Despite what you read about sa this is actually the most common interaction on there. I would say probably 100 of my experiences on there were one offs who I never saw again


The beauty of the site is you aren’t dealing with a professional whose had hundreds of guys. Most are girls next door who do it as a side hustle


They key is to not treat them like a piece of meat and be really crude when talking to them. You can’t talk to them like talking to an escort. You cant use terms like cip or bbfs they will get creeped out


The benefit is most will just jump on your dick raw no questions asked. It’s like the sex you had with your girlfriend when you were 20


The way that I made sugar dating site easy to deal with is as follows


Never give a girl money before meeting her. It’s always a scam


If a girl asks for money just to meet block her she’s a scam


Don’t waste time chatting too much to the girls. Focus on girls who want to meet


If a girl takes ages to respond or won’t meet in 3 days move on


Cut and paste a generic message and send it out daily to girls who are online who you like


Typically I would post hi I really like your profile are you interested in a mutually beneficial arrangement ?


(Code for money for sex)


When they respond yes you need to get off sa and use another messaging app like snap Kik or telegram to discuss how much money


I have a friend who knew nothing about sugar dating. He just joined. He got a cute 22 yr old girl and he creampied her on the first date. No meet and greet. No dinner. Straight back to his house and fucked


He even sent her the money by bank transfer after they fucked. She didn’t get the money for 3 days. He’s got other girls to meet up this week.


Don’t believe the bs that you have to date the girls and get them gifts. You can treat it exactly like you do with escorts except you don’t have to argue about getting raw sex.


On top of bare sex being the norm there is no screening and no deposits. And because there are so many girls on there vs guys you are in control not like with an escort and all their stupid rules.