Old School RuneScape\uff1aSong of the Elves

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Old School RuneScape:Song of the Elves

Posted By CongFei Li     May 7, 2020    


Previously, Old School RuneScape's epic Elf Quest series brought a lot of surprises to players. Song of the Elves makes players face more challenges. Later, in inheriting the Elf Quest storyline, a new master mission appears, which will allow you to undertake and eventually defeat King Lathas and Lord Iorwerth, thereby preventing the return of the Dark Lord.

If the player can do as described above, they will be rewarded. Before entering the legendary elven capital city – Pribidinas, you need to complete the mission of Song of the Elves. Pribidinas is hidden in the OSRS map, and now you can finally enter its decorative door. There are characteristic shops everywhere, so that players can visit and make friends, and there is a tower of https://www.goldrs.com/ sound in its central location, showing the beauty of elves. There are eight clans here, each city area corresponds to it, each has its own characteristics, you can explore as much as you want.

The most important thing is some PvM and skill challenges, players can go to complete Zalcano and The Gauntlet. During the God Wars, the elves conquered a powerful demon called Zalcano, thus providing players with a good opportunity to test their mining, smithing and runecraft abilities.

The glove is not only the training ground for the elves' greatest warrior, but also the soul of the bravest man. Plays will have a timed challenge to get what you need for a final fight against a crystalline, wolflike boss – Hunllef. Oh, and it has randomly-generated rooms. Neat.

Prifddinas has many other activities, such as dungeons, agile courses, etc. If you complete them, you will get crystal fragments. Use them to charge some of your weapons and equipment.

Finally, if the player is keen on this, then enjoy the game as much as possible, it can bring more joy to the player. In addition, I also hope that the game production company can expand the new content of the game to meet the needs of players.