Who Covers The Host Family's Expenses?

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Who Covers The Host Family's Expenses?

Posted By hebeadventure hebeadventure     Jun 25    


We expect host families to provide their host students with transportation, meals, and a clean and safe living environment. At first, it may feel awkward to treat the student as a part of their family while also expecting them to pay for their expenses. It can be tempting to be overly kind and generous with your student initially and offer to pay for the things that are their responsibility. Helping the host student understand their monthly expenses and what they're responsible for will set you up for a healthy relationship.


Dublin Host Families host families tell students that their toiletries are their responsibility. However, there may be household toiletries that you are buying for everyone in the family, like toothpaste, detergent, etc. discuss those items with your host student and clarify which necessities you will provide for the family and for which personal toiletries the student needs to pay.



What about the expenses of the host students?


While in the program, students need to pay for their expenses. They'll almost certainly bring a debit card, credit card, or pre-paid card from home. Students may have difficulty using their foreign cards in local stores, so it's preferable if they bring cash with them. When planning for the activities that come with a cost. Host families should take with the student and ensure that they have enough in their budget to participate, discuss the lower-cost options that you expect for students to cover


  • Clothes
  • Personal toiletries and cosmetics
  • Phone plan
  • Entertainment includes concerts, museums, school dances, entry fees, movies, etc.
  • Additional food costs beyond what you provide
  • Holiday gifts
  • Travel
  • School and sports fees
  • Insurance coverage.


Who pays for the school lunches of host students?


Host families have to cover three meals a day for their students, including the packed lunch. If you provide lunch supplies for the student but would rather eat at school, that would be their expense. If the student doesn't want to pay for the lunch expense, then the family needs to make sure that they have enough food available for the students to make or pack their lunch. It is also advisable to have some healthy snacks available for the students, to bring to school.


Do host students know to manage their own money and expenses?


Students usually may have little experience in managing the budgeting money. They will need the guidance of the host families. The student may not realize all the expenses associated with social activities and entertainment or the recurring experiences like a monthly cell phone plan.




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