NBA 2K20 MyTeam pushes Super Decades Packs

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NBA 2K20 MyTeam pushes Super Decades Packs

Posted By CSCA CSCA     May 11, 2020    


The exciting news is finally released! Some of the strongest historical players such as Jordan and James and O’Neal ’s historical player cards have appeared in this Super Decades Packs. Most players ca n’t wait to know about them. At present, we only know that these player cards can be obtained with VC or NBA 2K20 MT. But it seems that this approach will cost a lot of money.

Countless Galaxy Opal have been released in the game one after another. Players have greatly increased their enthusiasm for NBA 2K20. The following are Super Decades Packs that can provide players with the best stars of every decade in a limited time. In these strong player card lineups, basketball gods Michael Jordan and Larry Bird and LeBron James and O’Neal led the release trend.

Players can learn from the previous brief introduction that the Super Decades Packs include superstars such as Galaxy Opal MJ, Shaq and KD. Most of the players in the Dream 1 team are superstars in the 1990s. The oldest is probably Oscar Robertson. The top stars at the beginning of the new century include Yao Ming (the first foreign champion in NBA history), Vince Carter (the strongest dunk king in history), Chauncey Billups (FMVP 2004) and a lot of 96 gold A generation of players. The Galaxy Opal cards around 2010 include Green and Curry from the Warriors, Devin Booker, 70 points from the Suns, Irving and KD from the Nets and so on.

The NBA 2K20 MyTeam card can only be used in various Decades Super Packs for a limited time. There are three different packaging options on the MyTeam market. Options include Old School Super Pack, 2000s Super Pack and 2010s Super Pack. Each of them contains a large number of limited-time availability cards, from sapphire or Ruby to Galaxy Opal.

The current five-piece set is priced at 11,250 VC, while the 10-piece set is priced at 101,250 VC. The price of 20 pieces is 202,500 VC. In summary, players speculate that there may be the most Galaxy Opals cards in the 2010s box. Most players are betting on whether they have the luck of getting a Galaxy Opal player card. However, for those players who are seeking stability, it is better to buy player cards after accumulating enough 2K20 MT. If the players are economically capable but do not want to spend too much money, they can seek reliable agents to Buy NBA 2K20 MT. And now many agents are doing discounts to welcome the arrival of NBA 2K21. So players can get a lot of Cheap 2K20 MT on the platform. At the same time, you can also buy some NBA 2K21 MT to buy amazing props or card packages in NBA 2K21.