Path Of Exile fights back in the current dilemma of the gaming industry
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    • Last updated May 15, 2020
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Path Of Exile fights back in the current dilemma of the gaming industry

Posted By Cucclvince Cucclvince     May 15, 2020    


Due to the global prevalence of new coronaviruses, Path Of Exile developer Chris Wilson has encountered some trouble recently. But he did not sacrifice his employees' vacation to fight the dilemma like other studios, but set an example, and called on other game studios not to let employees work so hard.
Wilson, the CEO of Grinding Gear Games, has taken a powerful stance on the subject of overworking employees for the MMOAH sake of pushing out content and patches as quickly as possible at the value of any employee work/life balance. during a recent Reddit post, he talked about everything happening behind the scenes.
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The post was associated with issues with the recent release of Synthesis League and Hardcore Synthesis, which launched on March 8. After engaged on this challenge mode over the vacations, Wilson described how there wasn't much time to iterate before release, and as a result, it's not given the identical high-quality standards that Path of Exile players have come to expect.
With all that in mind, one might assume that the developers are in crunch mode to urge all of this out as quickly as possible. However, that's not the case. Wilson spoke about the recent topic of development crunch; some studios force their workers into 14 hour days so as to urge content up as soon as possible.
Wilson spoke out against this method. "I won't run this company that way. While there's inevitably a touch of optional paid overtime near league releases, the overwhelming majority of a Path of Exile development cycle has great work/life balance," he said. "This is important to stay our developers happy and healthy for the POE Orbs long-term, but it does mean that some game improvements will take ages to be made."
Chris Wilson said that we should treat our employees kindly and respect their holidays. If we need to disrupt the work-life balance of employees to solve problems or expand, then we can complain. I think this is probably why Path Of Exile has become an indispensable part of the most popular ARPG games.