How high should a fence be to keep a cat in?

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How high should a fence be to keep a cat in?

Posted By hidden fence     July 7, 2022    


Cats, also known as escape artists, are born with paws and claws that make them excellent climbers and jumpers. As a cat parent, you should never estimate their skills and build a fence around your property to keep them safe and secure. Cats can easily jump, climb and find ways to escape. A healthy cat can jump higher than 6 to 8 feet so what’s the point of barricading your property? This makes it very challenging contain your smart kitty. Even if you build a 12 feet tall fence, that tiny inquisitive creature will soon find a way to escape.


 Your best bet is to invest in a cat fence barrier that offers peace of mind and certainly keeps your pet inside the boundary. One such revolutionary product for safely containing  house cats is the invisible cat fenceIn today’s post, we will discuss how a cat “electric fence” is way better than a conventional fencing system.


Smart cat fence vs a traditional fence


Getting up, jumping, and taking in the outdoor view is the favourite activity of most cats. If you are building a strong fence around your property and blocking the outside view, it will probably make your cat sad and they will try harder to find ways to escape. On the other hand, an invisible fence is made from high-tech cables and transmitters that are buried below the ground and don’t block the view.

Modern “electric fencing systems,” more accurately called electronic or invisible cat fences, are highly preferred because of their low installation cost, zero maintenance cost and higher efficiency. Even if you install 12 feet long traditional cat barriers, there is no assurance that a traditional containment solution will work for you.


Rather than forcing the cat to discover new escape routes and exit the house, invest in a hidden pet fence system that is invisible, cost effective, highly efficient and durable, allowing your cat to safely roam outside your house.


Which is the best cat fence in Australia?

Your hunt for the most effective cat fence barrier can end with Hidden Fence. The Australian brand is recognized for its undying love for pets. They bring forth an exclusive range of modern and patented cat fences that are surefire ways to contain pets. The easiest ways to create boundaries for cats are available at Hidden Fence at an amazing price range.

Both indoor and outdoor containment systems are available for cat lovers.

Outdoor cat fence: A perfect solution to match the level of your cat’s temperament, the invisible fencing system comes with a 150 metre long UV boundary cable and a cat receiver with 3 year warranty. Equipped with FM digital software, the system comes with 5 individually programmable stimulation levels. With proper training, the containment system works like charm within a couple of weeks.


Indoor cat fence: Along with the outdoor boundaries, there are certain areas of the house that you want to be cat-free. There are options for indoor-wired and wireless systems to keep your cat away from the bed, dining table or kitchen counters.



A traditional fencing system is  pretty useful for cats that are expert climbers and jumpers. For an effective barrier, leveraging innovative technology makes total sense. Visit the link below to shop for the latest and the most effective pet containment system.