ULTIMATE Lost Ark gold farming guide - IGV All Farm Ways, Methods&Guides

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ULTIMATE Lost Ark gold farming guide - IGV All Farm Ways, Methods&Guides

Posted By goldigv lostark     July 13, 2022    


Looking for more Lost Ark Gold ? Don't worry, there are plenty of ways to farm it. You could maintain a reliable source of Gold income by doing your dungeons, get a mountain of the stuff by finding certain collectibles, and taking a visit to the Auction House. Below are some of the best and fastest methods of earning gold.


Alts are very important in Lost Ark to earn gold, why are alts important in Lost Ark?

- The more chaos dungeons there are, the more guardians you can run, the more people you can run in the chaos dungeons, the more daily activities you can run, which also means you can do more weekend activities, so there is the latest content in the game.

- Abyss dungeons, you can get lost ark gold from abyss dungeons, so every ALT you have will be from your best dungeon when you run abyss dungeons, you can get gold from only six characters a week, or you can get it by having other characters that will get different rewards, like sculpting books and things like that. Basically, everything you own gets you more materials, these materials are tradable materials, you just do whatever you can in your dungeon to get free gold, levels.

A venturer's tomb

- Farming adventures tomb, need to choose an area, and then do your adventures tomb thing, these things will fall down, at the bottom it says the continent of the fall, only farming Punico's those, when doing life skills, earn gold.

- Get Super armor to get rare items to reduce the difficulty of the mini-game, mini-game probability, and anyway your life skills, basically doing your collecting work in different places.

- Collect materials and just do your life skills every day, you can sell these materials if you want to sell them for some gold. You have to research them, basically to research these maps and it will give you the resources to make them with what you generate and then you just need to spend a little bit of action energy and you can make them.

- Make you a personal map, it's just in the secret forest area. it's recommended that you don't do the lower levels, just the T3 ones, but you basically have to find the location of the secret maps, you go there, and then when you run these secret maps, you get some items that

Una Tokens

Log in regularly and complete your daily and weekly tasks to get Una Tokens. Claim these from the left side of the screen when the progress bar gets full, and then trade the rewards – gold caskets and the like – to the Gold Merchant in any major town for Gold currency.

Craft and Sell Accessories

Accessories were a highly sought after commodity before Lost Ark released in the West, and they’ll likely remain desirable once the full game launches. These can help boost certain stats, and as YouTuber Ben Lee Gaming pointed out, anything boosting Critical and Speciality are almost always in high demand.


There are many things that you gain from your Journey that are tradeable and can be worth a lot of gold. The easiest way to find out if something is valuable is to open the market and right-click things in your inventory to immediately see the current price. Good items will vary depending on your server but here are a few examples:

Foraging Materials. Quickly search through listings for each category and see which sells for the most on your server before you go farm for some easy money.

Honing Materials. Stones and Leapstones you gain from activities like the Chaos Dungeon will not be bound and can be sold on the market.

Engraving books. You’ll sometimes gain engraving books from events and depending on the type or class, these can sell for a lot of money.

Adventure Tome. When questing you’ll often get random drops that you can use for Adventure Tome experience. Instead of using them, check how much they are worth on the Market.

Adventure Islands

These are islands that you can visit once a day on weekdays and twice per day on weekends. Not all islands will give gold, but you can check which from your Procyon’s Eye Compass.


While it’s not that easy to farm these, you will get gold rewards at different milestones when you hand them in on Sunflower Island.

We've now come to the end of our Lost Ark Currency farming guide. We hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. Now you know what you need gold for in Lost Ark and how you can earn it quickly. But many players prefer to buy lost ark currency at IGVault