Extend the Service Life of 12V DC Freezer
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    • Last updated May 20, 2020
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Extend the Service Life of 12V DC Freezer

Posted By bai ling     May 20, 2020    


Summer is the peak time for using freezers. Facing the high temperature, 12V DC Freezer may have various problems. In order to avoid accidents, it is very important to use specifications and clean regularly. Regular maintenance can also prolong the service life of the freezer. How to use the freezer correctly?

The freezer should be cleaned at least twice a year. When cleaning the freezer, please turn off the power supply, gently scrub with a soft cloth dipped in water or detergent, and then wipe the detergent with water. After cleaning, please firmly plug in the power plug and check whether the temperature controller is positioned correctly.

Some users want to save time and energy when defrosting freezers. They use sharp metal parts: blades, screwdrivers, etc., which accidentally pierce the lining during defrosting, thus damaging the evaporator. When defrosting, let it stand for a while before the frost melts, and then remove it with a defrosting shovel equipped with a freezer.

Under high ambient temperature and humidity, condensation will occur at the bottom of the cabinet. In order to reduce condensation, the controller can be appropriately lowered when freezing food. This not only reduces the working time of the freezer, reduces the power consumption, but also reduces the temperature difference between the inside and the outside.


In hot summer, especially for those who must place freezers outdoors, attention should be paid to:

1. Do not place the freezer in direct sunlight, otherwise, it will lead to uneven cooling and shorten the service life of the freezer.

2. Reduce unnecessary door opening.

3. The food in the freezer should not be too crowded, so as not to cause damage to the food in the freezer due to insufficient freezer effect.

After using the freezer for a long time, there will inevitably be some problems. Regular maintenance and proper use of freezer can greatly reduce damage.

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