Greenbike's Blade 10 Pro Limited Electric Scooter Review

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Greenbike's Blade 10 Pro Limited Electric Scooter Review

Posted By Dwayne Johnson     July 18, 2022    


Greenbike's Blade 10 Pro Limited Electric Scooter Review

There are many features to look for in an electric scooter. In this review, we'll cover what the Blade 10 has to offer, as well as its price and color options. Plus, we'll talk about what the Steering damper is and how it affects the ride. Let's get started! What's so special about the Blade 10? If you're considering buying one, keep reading!


The Blade 10 Pro is a high-powered, electric scooter with adjustable suspension. It is easy to steer and has a sine-wave controller to adjust brake intensity. It is available in various colors, including red, blue, green, black, titanium, and gold. Unlike many other electric scooters, the Blade 10 Pro is adjustable, making it suitable for a wide range of riding styles. Listed below are some of its features.

The Blade 10 Pro Limited Electric Scooter is produced by Eonmotors, a company that has dominated the performance scooter segment for decades. This scooter offers exceptional performance, including an eye-catching design, an advanced battery, and a powerful motor. It also has a solid frame and adjustable hydraulic suspension. The Blade 10 Pro has a range of 90 kilometers. Its nimble design allows riders to use it on both pavement and dirt paths.

The Blade 10 Pro Limited Electric Scooter has a color LCD readout that shows speed, battery level, and distance traveled. It also has LED headlights, brake lights, and visibility lights on the side. It also has a two-year warranty and has a variety of accessories to customize it to suit your riding style. There are many accessories to choose from when purchasing the Greenbike Blade 10 Pro Limited Electric Scooter.


The Greenbike Blade 10 Pro Limited Electric Scooter is a sleek and lightweight scooter that is loaded with amazing features. The Blade features a 1,200-watt brushless electric motor that delivers a lot of torque, even when you're riding uphill. It also has an impressive top speed of 40 mph and can be used on pavement or dirt pathways. Its hub motor puts torque directly to the ground for better throttle response.

The Blade 10 Pro features a durable aluminum foundation with a long handlebar for enhanced maneuverability and ride comfort. The adjustable stem also allows you to customize your riding height. This electric scooter has a large deck and a 115-mm wheelbase that's a breeze to maneuver through congested city streets. The Blade 10 Pro Limited Electric Scooter price includes delivery and installation of all required accessories.

The Blade 10 Pro is available in a wide range of colors, and it's also comfortable to ride in crowded urban areas. The scooter's dual suspension makes it ideal for riding in crowded areas, while its hydraulic brakes make it easy to stop when needed. It also has front and rear lights for visibility. With the ability to adjust the suspension to suit your needs, the Blade 10 Pro is a great choice for those who live in urban areas.


The Blade 10 Pro is an electric scooter that comes in a variety of colors. It is the perfect choice for riding around crowded cities. It comes with hydraulic brakes, dual suspension, and full front and rear lights. It also has a front, rear, and side light for added safety. This scooter is the best choice for urban riders because of its sleek design and ability to blend into the cityscape.

Its powerful motor and steering damper make it easy to control. The electric scooter features sine wave controllers and a powerful braking system that can stop you in just seconds. This scooter comes in different colors other than black, which makes it stand out from the ZERO and Kaabo scooters. You can choose from a variety of colors for your Blade 10 Pro to go with any outfit. Its sleek, sporty design is easily recognizable as well, and it is available in various designs.

In addition to its stylish design, the Blade 10 Pro Limited Electric Scooter is also built to last. The scooter is made from high-quality aluminum for durability and an adjustable stem for comfort. With a range of 90 km (60 miles), the Blade 10 Pro is a convenient option for city riding. Whether you want to cruise around town or go on a speed run, the Blade 10 Pro is built to last for a lifetime.

Steering damper

If you've just purchased your new Blade 10 Pro Limited electric scooter, you'll be eager to get on the road. You'll be thrilled with the smooth ride it offers and the easy-to-install steering damper. You'll need an Allen key or wrench to install the steering damper. Start by unscrewing the old damper, and then use the new one to attach it. It will require an extra $30 in parts. Once you've done this, you can reassemble the scooter and try out the new damper.

A steering damper works on similar principles to hydraulic shock absorbers. It has an opening for oil and a spring-loaded valve for regulating fluid flow. The damper adds resistance to steering so that the scooter won't wobble as it goes down the road. It also prevents the steering from overcorrecting as it speeds up. Adding a damper to an electric scooter can make a big difference in rider comfort and control.

Another feature of the Blade 10 Pro Limited electric scooter is the steering damper. A steering damper improves the control of the electric scooter and prevents head shake. It helps stabilize the handlebars and bearings, so that you won't have to worry about falling or bouncing. It also helps prevent arm fatigue. And the lowered risk of falling or getting sideways is great for safety!

Hydraulic suspension

Freemotion's new limited edition Blade 10 Pro Electric Scooter has hydraulic suspension, also known as swing arm. While most scooters use cheap coil suspension that can bottom out in the middle of a high-speed run, the hydraulic suspension allows for adjustable damping for the rider's comfort. This suspension also allows riders to customize the ride to suit their preferences, whether they are looking for a stiff ride for speed runs or a soft ride for off-roading. While this type of suspension was not available in any other Freemotion scooters, it was sourced from Taiwan, which means it is more expensive than Chinese models.

While most e-scooters with adjustable suspension use cheap coil suspension, the Blade 10 Pro is an exception. The adjustable hydraulic suspension allows the rider to set the suspension stiff for a speed run, or soften it for off-roading. The hydraulic suspension on the Blade 10 Pro Limited Electric Scooter is worth the extra price, as you can choose between a stiff suspension for speed runs and a softer one for off-roading.

The Zero 10X model has cable-activated disc brakes, while the premium 60 V, 21 Ah model uses dual hydraulic disc brakes. This premium model also has welded stems. The zero 10X offers many features, including a wide variety of battery options. A fully-hydraulic disc brake on the 52 V/23 Ah version makes stopping on a hill easier than ever.

Turn signal indicators

A number of consumers have begun purchasing electric scooters as alternatives to cars. However, most scooters lack the safety features consumers want. In order to help keep riders safe, the Blade 10 Pro is equipped with turn signal indicators. These bright lights can also be adjusted to accommodate kids. The stem feels sturdy and solid when fully extended. The scooter also comes with a free-standing battery, making it easy to transport.

You can check if the throttle is broken by plugging it into a power source that is 4.5-5V DC. If the multimeter cannot detect a problem, you will need to replace the switch. Lastly, you can check the fuse on the scooter. It may be due to overcharging the battery. Use a multimeter to check the fuse. If the fuse is bad, replace the motor and switch.

Most LCD throttles come with a USB port for low-voltage charging. However, some users have reported malfunctioning LCDs after plugging in their mobile phones. While USB ports are generally used for charging, they are also limited in the amount of current they can output. In general, the USB ports are intended for flashing LCDs. If you use them to charge your cell phone, you may need to check the manual before operating the scooter.