What features make love dolls so popular?

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What features make love dolls so popular?

Posted By Kathy Jones     May 22, 2020    


There is no denying, love dolls are here to stay. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to make their private moments innovative and spicy? And ones experienced, there’s no going back. It is to the human nature’s urge to seek thrill, even in love, is what making modern real dolls more and more popular with times.  

However, this cannot be the only reason as to why they are so popular among humankind. Let’s have a look at the other features adding to its popularity –

Oh, so lovey Body parts!

These love dolls have body features worth drooling for. They have body parts similar to any man or woman, only better. These dolls are crafted as an ideal plaything for those steamy moments and the desire to explore. They are not just some rubber, but high class material that gives you the feel of real skin. There’s more to a body than private parts, like face, hair, waist, eyes, nose. Life size dolls have it all and attractive as well.

The lifelike size

You cannot just ignore the word ‘lifelike’ while looking at a realistic love doll. It has a height like any human; maybe 5ft 2, asking for your attention and there goes your lust peaking again. And the best part is, 5”2’ was just an example. You can have your lover customized at a preferable size. So, you get your dream girl (or prince charming) in a shape and height of your choice.

The luxury material

Each of these love dolls have been made in ways you get the feel of a real skin. Certain dolls even have textured body parts for heightened pleasure – like beaded vagina or veiny penis. The vagina won’t sore after long hours of love, and the penis would stay rock hard. Apart from that the body is soft and plump with no hard spots. Each of these are dolls are made with pleasure in mind and giving way to satisfied client base.

Soft and firm breasts

Men have a complex feeling about breasts and it’s a theory in itself, they love this piece of flesh. And these dolls have the best breasts you can find. They are firm yet so soft and jiggly to touch. Featured with tight and suck-able nipple these female love dolls grab every man’s attention.

Better than a human companion, duh!

This point doesn’t even require explanation. Yes, these dolls do not possess the power of feeling, but neither do they have mood swings, which is a plus. They don’t argue, they never say no, they are always ready to give pleasure and open to all types of love position. Added to that, no fear of pregnancy and STDs.

Both female and male love dolls are available in every corner of the world and love doll brothels are trending as well. The catchiest feature to find is their realistic lifelike skin and supple body. It is like making love to a real man or a woman sans relationship problems.