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Posted By gaosikang gaosikang     July 18, 2022    


We are a Stamping Auto Parts Manufacturers, here are some misconceptions about car maintenance.

  Car maintenance is not the tighter the transmission belt, the better! If car maintenance goes into a misunderstanding, it will be self-defeating, resulting in damage to the parts or causing mechanical accidents.

  Myth 1: The tighter the bolt, the better

  There are many fasteners connected by bolts and nuts on the car, and it should be ensured that they have sufficient pre-tightening force, but they should not be over-tightened. If it is over-tightened, the bolts and connectors will be permanently deformed, and the pre-tightening force will decrease instead, and even cause slip or breakage.

  Misunderstanding 2: The tighter the drive belt, the better

  If the drive belt is adjusted too tightly, it is easy to stretch and deform, and the pulley and bearing are easy to cause bending and damage.

  Myth 3: The more oil, the better

  If there is too much oil, the crankshaft handle and connecting rod will be violently stirred when the engine is working, which will not only increase the internal power loss of the engine, but also cause the oil to burn out due to the increase of oil splashed on the cylinder wall.

  Find a trusted service technician for maintenance. If you go to a different store every time, the technician will make the same careful inspection of the car every time, and then handle it for you. In this way, it will take more time on the one hand, and on the other hand, it will probably cost more. A service technician who knows your vehicle's condition for a long time can make a clear judgment when the vehicle encounters a problem, and can help you make an informed decision.

  Our Die Casting Parts Wholesale, welcome to visit our website to buy!