How Madden players use the worst Eli Manning version to win the game?

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How Madden players use the worst Eli Manning version to win the game?

Posted By CSCA CSCA     May 25, 2020    


In Madden 20, it’s a fantasy that players want to win games without passing or don’t spend a point of MUT Coins. The first question is which gap the defender will hit. The proposition of argument subverts the existing Madden gameplay. Madden 20 cover player Patrick Mahomes has just won the Super Bowl by bombing. Obviously this is a workable solution.

Raidel Joke Brito finally won the 2020 Madden Bowl and won $ 65,000. This is the last game of the Madden 20 Championship Series organized by EA Sports. He won the game without even throwing the ball into the air. He transferred the ball to the hands of Hall of Famer Gail Sayers every time he attacked. It is undoubtedly bold to do this in a competition where the prize is thousands of dollars. But as Brito explained to Yahoo Sports, the game’s mechanics turned the running-only strategy into a winning strategy.

So why does this method work wonders in the game? Brito’s strategy is based on the balance of the Madden roster structure. The team is limited to the salary cap, so it is necessary to configure the most suitable player in each position. Players usually spend a lot of money to train quarterbacks but Brito is not. He rotated between Washington Redskins pitcher Tress Way and former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning. What is admirable is that Brito uses the worst and cheapest version of quarterback Manning?

Way was chosen as the cheapest left-handed boatman because the guard will vary depending on the hand used in the handover. Usually this money is used to train quarterbacks. But Brito put a lot of Madden Coins into the players’ offensive rebound and defensive ability. The result was that he defeated his opponent 17-0 in the Madden Bowl final. But Brito showed that he was not the only one doing this. Everyone knows that this can be done, but no one has tried it.

After this campaign, the frequency of use of this method will definitely increase significantly. Don’t put a lot of mutcoins into the training of quarterbacks. Because if everyone does this, it will be difficult to fight. The secret to winning the Madden 20 game now is to do strange tricks. Players can transfer a part of MUT 20 Coins to develop other abilities of players. Doing so is likely to beat your opponent by surprise and it will greatly improve your chances of winning. It doesn’t matter if there is a lack of funds. Buy MUT Coins will save players a lot of hassle at agents with cheap items and safe transactions. In addition, players have to accumulate some Madden 21 Coins to deal with the upcoming Madden 21.