oncrete reasoning comes from statements from the designers and clear trends seen in previous changes made for the game

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oncrete reasoning comes from statements from the designers and clear trends seen in previous changes made for the game

Posted By letitia wilkinson     July 21, 2022    


With a doubled amount of viable candidates to play with will  wow classic tbc gold mean that PUG teams will have a large pool of candidates in reserve and won't be so prone to falling apart the instant someone has to leave. Guilds are still locked by faction, however, like how cross-realm play operates, players of any faction can now be directly invited to parties , regardless of faction. It is expected for the future that General and Trade Chat will become PvP-specifically locked in factions for PvP and players who have Warmode activated will be able to freely attack the side that is not in zones of safe zones and instances even if they are in the same group.

The majority of WoW's classic Horde and Alliance questlines, including ones that relate to specific encounters for a specific faction, will not be cross-faction in the near future, meaning that leveling with fellow players from another faction will need to occur in zones where the quests are same for both the Horde as well as the Alliance. The automatic Looking for Group tool, which is used to gather a group of random players to play battlegrounds, arenas, dungeons and LFR raiding, will not be cross-faction as this change becomes available in patch 9.2.5. It is possible that this will alter in the future as implementing cross-faction options in LFG will drastically reduce time to queue.

It is easy to think that any major changes on World of Warcraft are merely attempts to get subscribers back amid recent controversy over inappropriate content associated with WoW as well as Blizzard Entertainment, but it is in no way confirmed and remains merely a theory. Concrete reasoning comes from statements from the designers and clear trends seen in previous changes made for the game. Blizzard developers have stated their reasoning as coming from a newfound understanding that the division of factions between players was not in fact the main thing that made Warcraft so popular and offering players more of fewer choices for playing can only be a beneficial change.

The notion of identity was the main barrier preventing from the wow tbc gold demise that was the faction binder in World of Warcraft. Developers were worried that adding cross-faction games could hurt players' sense of belonging to a team, but this turned out not to be the case. There has been a belief for several years that this outdated faction division is no anymore relevant and instead is a hindrance for players who want to have fun with their friends , and compete in the race they would like to.