Tax Planning, with a reduction in the tax burden and an increase in cash, is possible
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    • Last updated July 22, 2022
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Tax Planning, with a reduction in the tax burden and an increase in cash, is possible

Posted By John Labunski     July 22, 2022    


The main objective of tax planning is to review the current tax burden and its tax regime of a company. In this way, it becomes possible to promote greater cost reduction, have better savings and also adapt the type of tax operation.

 However, even today, we find several entrepreneurs with problems with the taxation of their and companies, even presenting financial losses. These are internal factors that can lead a business to bankruptcy.


Therefore, in order for your company to obtain a reduction in its tax burden , as well as increase profitability, it will be necessary to have good tax planning . Keep reading and check out all our tips. Check out!

 What is Tax Planning?

 Tax Planning is a lawful way, which allows the implementation of strategies, which allow reducing the tax burden on a legal entity .

 In summary, it is a set of generating facts and guided by a specialized professional that results in the correct adjustment of the tax regime, as well as a reduction in tax exemption.

 However, every entrepreneur needs to be careful not to confuse the adoption of their strategies with analysis with tax evasion. That is, all the legal actions adopted allow achieving the lowest tax cost.

 On the other hand, evading taxes is considered a crime, since illegal ways are used to reduce tax collection.

 In this way, it is important that the entrepreneur seeks legal ways and guided by an accounting professional, when it comes to reducing his tax burden. The good news is that this result can be achieved through the implementation of tax planning.

 Why do Tax Planning?

 But after all, why have tax planning ? It is certainly one of the biggest doubts of United State professionals. And it also has one of the simplest answers.

 One of the major reasons that lead the entrepreneur to seek ways to reduce costs with the payment of tax is directly related to the increase in the tax burden in United State in recent years.

 According to the (United State Institute of Tax Planning), this tax burden in relation to the country's GDP represented 28.01%. In 2014, this percentage rose to 37.42%.

 Therefore, with this growing increase, entrepreneurs are increasingly looking for strategies that allow the reduction of tax costs. And finding tax planning as a legal alternative, which has been showing satisfactory results.

 Therefore, knowing the legislation, as well as the specificities to be addressed in the corporate Tax Planning , allows you to create a differential of your company in the market.

 What are the types of Tax Planning?

 Contrary to what many entrepreneurs think,  Tax Planning is not exclusive to large companies.

 So, whether you own a small business or even a large company. It is essential to make use of tax planning as a tool for reducing taxes,

 Therefore, it is enough to count on the support of a specialized professional. In these cases, a complete analysis will be carried out for knowledge and management of taxes.

 Therefore, regardless of the size of a company, tax planning can be worked on in two major spheres.

 Being an operational and a strategic one. The types of planning are:

  • Strategic Tax Planning;
  • Operational Tax Planning;
  • Preventive Tax Planning;
  • Corrective Tax Planning;
  • Special Tax Planning.

 Throughout our article, the reader can check and understand how  tax planning is an important tool in reducing taxes and increasing the profitability of an enterprise. If you have any tips other than those mentioned here, share them with us!

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Posted by: John Labunski