Elevator Supplier Fuji Explains Different Elevators

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Elevator Supplier Fuji Explains Different Elevators

Posted By elevators fuji     October 29, 2018    


The elevator is an auxiliary machine driven by hydraulic or electric motor and can be used for cargo and personnel transportation. They are vertical motion platforms that previously defined different stopping levels. Elevator Supplier Fuji can offer a variety of different elevators.

According to the classification of elevators, elevators can be divided into the following three types:

1. Exclusive product.

2. Transport personnel and goods, that is, mix.

three. Improve people's mobility, or the same forklift. Especially on small farms or single family homes, they are very flexible and slow.

Other types of elevators, in addition to the above-mentioned ordinary elevators, there are some special elevators, such as refrigerated elevators, explosion-proof elevators, mine elevators, power station elevators, fire elevators, slope elevators, nuclear island elevators, and so on.

According to the classification of the drive motor

1. DC tractors can be divided into DC wheel tractors and DC gearless traction machines.

2. AC traction machines can be divided into AC gear tractors, AC gearless tractors and permanent magnet tractors. AC tractors can be subdivided into: secondary worm gears, spur gear tractors, planetary gear pair tractors, and other gear pair lead machines.

The elevator room is the heart of the elevator system. It includes elevator traction machines, motor generator sets or solid state power supplies, as well as control equipment. Control equipment is an important part of the entire operating mechanism, which accelerates, decelerates and leveles each floor. Most of the daily maintenance is carried out in the machine room.