3 Myths and Facts Behind Plastic Surgery

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3 Myths and Facts Behind Plastic Surgery

Posted By Dr. Stavros Economou     July 27, 2022    


Treatment of many conditions is achieved through advancements in science. One such advanced treatment is plastic surgery. The best plastic surgeon Cyprus can restore the appearance and the function of the tissue in the skin. Therefore, the skin looks natural and normal. However, there are some myths about plastic surgery.

Myth1: Plastic surgeries are always about beauty and appearance

Plastic surgery is often considered to be about beauty and appearance. There are cosmetic treatments like Botox, nose correction, and more that are the basis for this myth. Cosmetic surgery is proven to provide desired results to people. Moreover, enhancement surgeries often fall for false judgments that make them all about beauty and appearance.

Fact: Plastic surgeries are more about just beauty and appearance

It is more than just beauty and appearance. Although plastic surgery can be helpful in the enhancement of beauty and appearance, it is not entirely about it. Plastic surgery aims to synthetically repair the damaged tissues so that they can regain their function and natural appearance.

Myth 2: Only rich people can afford plastic surgery treatment

Plastic surgery is considered an expensive treatment. It is believed that only rich people can visit a plastic surgeon Nicosia. The successful results and the number of treatments make it look like it is only for a small section of the economy. Moreover, the technical pieces of equipment and modern methods have changed the outlook of people making it look expensive.

Fact: Anyone in need of plastic surgery can avail of the treatment.

Looking at the world economy, there is just a handful of the population who can be called rich. However, plastic surgery is thriving for years in this large varying economy. Anyone can get plastic surgery. It is not for one section of the economy.

Myth3 Plastic surgery involves a huge procedure for better results

People believe that good things take time. Therefore, plastic surgery is considered to take a long time to give results. Moreover, it is believed that plastic surgeries involve long procedures before and after the treatment.

Fact: Not time-consuming and not complex

Plastic surgery is a simple process. It requires some prerequisite knowledge just like any medical treatment. Moreover, the process doesn't take a long time as the latest technology is used for treatments under plastic surgery for the best results.

About Dr. Stavros Economou

Dr. Stavros Economou is a renowned plastic surgeon Larnaca. He is a certified surgeon of the Cyprus Board of Plastic Surgery. Moreover, he specializes in aesthetic plastic surgery.

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