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The Nose Piercing Procedure | Follow Now

Posted By faxay zah     July 28, 2022    



Do you like to get a little nasty? Do you like body art and piercings? Well, more and more people are taking the drastic step of getting their nose pierced. It is becoming almost mainstream in the US, although it has been a religious rite in Africa for centuries.


Nose Pierced


Don't think getting your nose pierced is similar to getting other body piercings. First of all, it can lead to terrible infections and it can be painful. Plus, it may cause others to see you in a negative light. You can forget about wearing one in a professional work atmosphere. But if you're intent on getting one you should take special precautions so it will heal correctly. Read on.


Doctor's Advice


Your first stop should be at the doctors. Your doctor will tell you if Nose Piercings and Information are right for you health-wise. You don't want to get sick and if you're not in good health, a piercing can lead to severe complications. Get your doctor's advice before proceeding.


Don't Take Cleanliness for Granted


Be sure to clean your nose and jewelry at least twice a day. Apply antiseptic frequently throughout the day to keep germs away. When you're cleaning your nose piercing be sure to use warm salt water and cotton balls. You won't want to use hydrogen peroxide because it's abrasive.


Keep Your Hands Off Your Nose Ring


Once you get your piercing don't fiddle with it. It looks gross when people have their fingers in their nose. Give us a break. Playing with your nose and jewelry can also prevent it from healing. Keep your hands off your nose ring unless you're cleaning it. Touching it too often can lead to awful infections that are painful and ugly to see.


Final Tips


If you pull on your jewelry you can also cause it to tear the skin and cause bleeding. This is not something you want to happen. So, don't be surprised if your piercing begins to swell. It's normal. Ask your doctor's advice and don't worry unless it becomes exceedingly painful.