The Challenges of Moving to Spain from the USA

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The Challenges of Moving to Spain from the USA

Posted By Torrevieja Translation     Aug 1    


Planning to immigrate to Spain? A lot of Americans are shifting to Spain. Many reasons constitute the American dream of living in Spain. However, a few things cannot be ignored at this planning stage. These things are more like challenges that need to be overcome for conveniently emigrating to Spain from USA.

Points to remember before putting forward the challenges

The below-mentioned points can help in navigating forward from the challenges. They are some general facts that can be a stimulus in understanding this blog better.

Research is inescapable: 

Immigrating to a new country like Spain is a big decision. Therefore, one cannot just pack their bags and decide to start living in Spain. There are so many things that need prior research like legal obligations, residential permits, etc. Therefore, deep research should be done to involve every aspect of moving to a different country.

Don’t rush to move to another country

If there were any don’ts list before moving to Spain from USA this point would be number one. Moving to another country involves a lot of procedures. Therefore, before settling in a foreign country permanently there might be many trips back to the homeland. One can stay on a tourist visa in Spain but has to have a residential visa for permanently living in Spain. Therefore, be prepared by gathering the information and don’t rush.

Learn their language

Immigrating to a different country can be a challenge in itself if a foreign language is involved. Thankfully, English is the second most spoken language in Spain. However, the emigrants must know at least some words in Spanish if planning to settle in Spain. A few words can help in conversation with the people there.

Now, it's time to learn about those challenges that are indispensable to the decision to settle in Spain.

Challenge 1 Choosing the place

Choosing a place or a city to live in Spain can be challenging. However, one can always take help from the people who got their residential permits and the Internet. These people can provide more reliable information.

Challenge 2 Getting the Spanish Residency Permit

The next challenge is to get a residency permit and an NIE card Spain. There are prerequisites for it. One must have private health insurance, proof of no criminal record, private health insurance, and proof of sufficient funds. However, these are not enough. Therefore, it is advisory to seek help from a Spanish relocation adviser.

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