How Intellectual Property Lawyers Helped Businesses Understand & Protect Their Strengths?

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How Intellectual Property Lawyers Helped Businesses Understand & Protect Their Strengths?

Posted By Mota Africa     August 3, 2022    


Well-performing businesses have figured out their strengths. There is a secret behind every business's success that allows it to outperform its competitors. A business's success secret could be anything. For example, their process, technology, or ingredients. Businesses protect these secrets with the help of laws under intellectual property rights. Generally, businesses depend on intellectual property lawyers in South Africa for this. Here are some ways in which these lawyers help businesses.

Example-1: Identifying Intellectual Property:

An Italian restaurant business started a few weeks ago. They used authentic ingredients and cooking methods. Within a few weeks, the business started gaining more recognition, quickly eclipsing other restaurants. However, soon after their success, many other restaurant owners and staff started visiting their restaurant to discover the secret behind their success. The Italian restaurant owner knew if others copied their recipes and methods, their business would lose its uniqueness. So, he contacted an intellectual property lawyer. These lawyers helped the restaurant owner in identifying how to protect his business secrets legally. With this, the restaurant was able to withhold the rights to their successful recipes and saved them from getting tough competition.

Example-2: Protecting Intellectual Property:

A software company offered its services to insurance companies with the help of its finely developed software. There are other companies too that offer the same service to insurance companies, but this specific software company was different because of its cutting-edge technology. However, there was always the chance of someone copying the software. So, before facing any such issue, the company called an intellectual property and patent attorney South Africa. The attorney helped them get exclusive rights to the software. No one can use the software or develop the same one without their consent now.

Example-3: Exploiting Intellectual Property:

A man took the help of an intellectual property lawyer and bought the copyrights of his invention. His invention turned out beneficial for businesses. So, he sold the copyrights to the businesses and earned a lot through them. In this way, attorneys helped the inventor utilise the intellectual property to earn big.

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