Three Instances SMS and MMS Marketing Worked For Companies

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Three Instances SMS and MMS Marketing Worked For Companies

Posted By Contact Consumers     August 4, 2022    


Marketing is the core of a business. Suitable marketing strategies can do wonders for businesses, regardless of their phase. Therefore, companies spend millions on marketing and hire the most eligible marketers for themselves. We all know about different marketing techniques. One such popular technique is SMS and MMS marketing. This type of marketing helped many businesses. Here are some instances where SMS and MMS marketing helped.

Instance-1: A Doctor Taking the Help of SMS & MMS Marketing:

An experienced doctor who worked in a renowned hospital opened a clinic in his hometown. But people were not aware of the clinic. And even after a few months, the number of patients visiting the clinic remained low. So, the doctor asked his staff about ways to make people aware and make them visit the clinic. A staff member suggested taking the help of a marketing expert. So, the doctor hired marketers and suggested using SMS & MMS marketing. The doctor agreed to expert suggestions. After a few weeks, people started visiting the clinic. The SMS & MMS marketing campaign helped the doctor spread awareness about his clinic among his hometown citizens.

Instance-2: A Bank Relying on SMS & MMS Marketing:

A private bank introduced great benefits for the customers. They used automated SMS marketing techniques to make people aware of it. And as soon as the SMS marketing campaign started, people started rushing to the bank to avail the benefits of the offer. The campaign helped the bank in getting more than expected results. Hence, it was the best idea to choose the automated SMS marketing technique in the first place.

Instance-3: Online Store using SMS Marketing:

An online store wanted to make its customers aware of the upcoming sale on the occasion of its anniversary. It used different marketing techniques on different portions of users. For example, it used digital marketing on 85% of users and SMS & MMS marketing on the remaining. Comparatively, SMS marketing gained more positive responses compared to the other techniques. It was an excellent decision to choose SMS marketing for the online store.

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