Horde as well as Alliance players will be able to be part of the same game

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Horde as well as Alliance players will be able to be part of the same game

Posted By lucy Sage     August 6, 2022    


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Before Blizzard created a complete world, Warcraft is always been about 2 fantasy action figures fighting each the other. Orcs and humans. Horde and Alliance. While World of Warcraft has had two opposing factions join forces in the past to defeat powerful enemies, they've never been able to accomplish this in the long-term, as a result of the MMO's grouping systems. With next week's WoW WoTLK Classic patch 9.2.5 which will finally change.

Horde as well as Alliance players will be able to be part of the same game and play Raids and dungeons in the same group as well as team together to fight PvP, either with the help of matchmakers, or inviting one another via BattleTags. There are some restrictions in that groups created by premade groups have the option of switching cross-faction play off, Guilds are cheap WoTLK Gold still locked to factions with a list of old instances will not support the new feature. The factions that have been at each other's throats on a narrative level (and less in social terms as time has gone along) can now collaborate on endgame content.