NBA 2K23 players will not be able to play
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    • Last updated August 8, 2022
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NBA 2K23 players will not be able to play

Posted By Marie Kettering     August 8, 2022    


As with previous entries, MT 2K23 looked for enhancements to enhance player experience, including introducing new activities within MyTeam as well as introducing a newly-created Seasonal Quest feature to MyCareer, and introducing new activities for players to expand their brand in The City.

Not all the new features are up to scratch Even with the new features for the MyCareer hubs they still appear to be a bit large and empty at times. However, there's still plenty of variety with this outing of 2K to keep busy for hours on end.

NBA 2K23: 5 Things It Gets Right

NBA 2K23 is another well-received game from the series due to numerous reasons, but it has a handful of imperfections that have to be rectified when 2K23 comes out. There's no doubt about it that the king of basketball's basketball game is NBA 2K franchise.

It's become so popular that it has eliminated any competition. Game games like NBA Live taking years off to regroup , and not being able to match up. Recently, the most recent entry has been released, NBA 2K23.

Although it is the top basketball game , it doesn't mean it's flawless. Actually, each year there are always at least a handful of things the games could do better. This is certainly the case for NBA 2K23, which has many issues but has, of course had a lot of things right.

It's the largest issue in the world of video games that's currently being addressed in NBA 2K23. Microtransactions frustrate players to the end. It's natural for them to be used here or there, but some games push too far and require gamers to pay additional fees for far too many aspects.

In NBA 2K23 players will not be able to play much of note in modes such as MyTeam nor play The City without having to spend some extra cash. It's not easy to ask players to fork over numerous little things after already taking their $60 to play the Cheap MT 2K23.