How 2K players got the Galaxy Opal Larry Bird from the finals\uff1f

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How 2K players got the Galaxy Opal Larry Bird from the finals?

Posted By CSCA CSCA     June 11, 2020    


2K players can find multiple powerful player cards from NBA 2K20’s Galaxy Opals released on Tuesday. This article will introduce players to today’s protagonist-NBA Celtics superstar Larry Bird’s Galaxy Opal version. Fans of the Green Army have said that they will get him no matter how much they spend NBA 2K20 MT.

It divides solo Challenges into 5 stages with ten years as a stage. Each major stage contains 10 annual challenges. Players will receive a brand new Galaxy Opal player card after each major stage final. For example, a player can get Galaxy Opal Dennis Johnson after completing the finals in the 1970s. By analogy, the corresponding players in the 1980s, 90s, 00s, and 10s are Kevin McHale of Celtics and Rodman of Bulls and Paul Pierce of Celtics and Marc Gasol of Raptors.

The Larry Bird with a total score of 99 can significantly improve the overall offensive ability and strength of the lineup once they add it to the player’s self-built lineup. He has 99 points of defense and three points and rebounds, which is amazing. And his internal scoring and athletic ability and control of the game are as high as 98 points. Players need to madly improve their strength to match the Galaxy Opal version of Larry Bird. Players must complete defeating every NBA champion since 1970 in a full day to get him.

It means that players have to go through thousands of disasters to achieve their goals. Although it seems too difficult, players who really love Larry Bird will definitely try their best to get him. They have already reserved enough NBA 2K20 MT and NBA 2K21 MT for subsequent player cards. Buy NBA 2K20 MT is the most important thing they should do for fans who lack funds.