Practicing Yoga Versus Working Out In A Gym

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Practicing Yoga Versus Working Out In A Gym

Posted By Yuvaap FindyourY     Aug 17    


We all reach a stage of our lives where we want to start exercising, get fit and be a healthier version of ourselves. But most of the time it is difficult to choose between a Yoga versus a Gym routine. Both methods are very popular to get toned but there are certainly distinct differences. The basic difference is one is a non-intensive way and the other requires you to undergo intensive workout sessions. It is difficult to list the pros and cons of both forms of exercise and what you choose depends on the kind of lifestyle you have. But they have a common aim of better health and physical fitness.

Let’s explore the 2 sides of the fitness coin-

1. Financially

A yoga session doesn’t require you to spend a lot financially. All you need is a fitness mat and you can join any group in your neighborhood or practice it individually at home. Except for Power yoga, this form of exercise is beginner friendly.

Whereas a gym session requires you to either take membership or create a setup at home, which can be financially straining for a lot of individuals. One requires a trainer for most of the gym exercises, as not all workouts are beginner-friendly.

2. Mental fitness

Yoga helps detox the body from within and works on getting the internal organs healthier. Yoga benefits by making feeling at peace, mentally relaxed and balanced.

Gym enables an individual to get a desired body shape with muscle tissue growth, and it doesn’t focus on mental health.

3. Spiritual enlightenment

Yoga aims to focus on spiritual awakening and emotional awareness. It improves concentration and keeps our thought process from being jumbled.

Gym only focuses on physical fitness, but it can easily become someone’s outlet for letting out emotional steam.

4. Healing

Yoga is very effective in treating symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, etc. It helps a person to overcome addiction as well. It also provides relief against constipation and bloating.
Gym workouts only help prevent serious health conditions like heart diseases.

5. Anti-ageing benefits

Yoga keeps our internal organs healthy, which helps with anti-ageing.
Gym workouts help reverse the cells’ aging process.

6. Eating habits

Yoga helps with mindful eating and feeling emotionally healthy.
Hardcore workouts boosts one’s appetite and if not eating healthy, it can lead to binging on junk food.

7. Time-Restrictive

Yoga is not time restrictive, you can practice the positions in your house and it does not physically tire you out.
Gym workouts are regressive and physically tiring. However, the rush of endorphins after exercising will definitely make you feel better.

Debate eventually reaches the level of which form of exercise is best for your lifestyle. Some people prefer to do yoga instead of exercise, while others may not be able to live without lifting weights every day.
If you are a working person with very full schedules and strenuous work shifts, it is best to choose yoga to get fit. Although, if you are a person who can take 2-3 hours of daily exercise, you can go to the gym.
Similarly, people who want a better balance of mind and body should try Yoga. A few bodybuilders say that they do yoga to relax their mind and reduce physical fatigue.
Many health professionals actually recommend a combination of yoga and gym to get the best results.

SOURCE: Practicing Yoga Versus Working Out In A Gym