What is Winding Wire and Its Features

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What is Winding Wire and Its Features

Posted By enameledwire xinyu     November 1, 2018    


It is also called winding wire and can be classified according to its basic composition, conductive core and electrical insulation layer. According to the insulating material used in the electrical insulating layer and the manufacturing method, it is generally divided into an enameled wire , a wrapped wire, a lacquer-wrapped wire, and an inorganic insulated wire.

The outer surface of the conductor is coated with the corresponding lacquer solution, and then the solvent is evaporated and the film is cured and cooled. Enameled wire according to its use of insulation paint can be divided into oil paint, acetal paint, polyester enameled wire, polyesterimide enameled wire, polyamideimide enameled wire, polyimide enameled wire, polyurethane enameled wire and so on. Sometimes classified according to the specificity of their use, such as self-adhesive enameled wire, anti-refrigerant enameled wire, self-lubricating enameled wire, straight lacquer wire and so on.

The earliest enameled wire was an oil-based enameled wire made from tung oil. The paint film has poor wear resistance and cannot be directly used for the manufacture of motor coils and windings. When used, it needs to be wrapped with cotton yarn. Later, the advent of polyvinyl formalin enameled wire, its mechanical properties greatly improved, can be directly used for motor windings, and called high strength enameled wire.

With the development of the market and technology, a self-adhesive enameled wire has emerged, and a better integrity coil can be obtained without impregnation and baking. In addition, in order to avoid the trouble of removing the paint film first during welding, a straight soldering enameled wire was developed. The coating film can be detached in the high-temperature tin bath and the copper wire can be easily welded, which greatly improves the downstream industry work efficiency! Self-adhesive wire is one of the most promising development categories in the current enameled wire industry.

In addition there is a composite enameled wire. The inner and outer paint films consist of different polymer materials, such as polyesterimide/polyamideimide enameled wire.

The winding wire is an important species in the winding wire. Early use of cotton yarn and silk, known as yarn wrapping and silk wrapping, was used in motors and electrical appliances. Due to the large insulation thickness and low heat resistance, most have been replaced by enameled wires. Currently only used as high frequency winding wire. In the winding wires of large and medium specifications, when the heat-resistant grade is high and the mechanical strength is large, a glass-wire coated wire is also used, and a suitable adhesive paint is used in the manufacture.

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