Jewellery that enhance your beauty

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Jewellery that enhance your beauty

Posted By Body Jewelry     August 22, 2022    


Skin jewels are very special jewels that represent the last frontier in fashion and trend. The idea behind this innovative idea, which naturally did not take long to immediately become one of the most followed and appreciated summer trends, was to create a new, irresistible glamorous universe made of innovation and anti-conventional artistic flair. In the name of femininity and the most heated sensuality, to create and propose trendy objects like Ear plugs piercing placed absolutely outside the traditional canons of fashion and beauty.


Today it is, therefore, possible to make areas or specific points of the body shine, embellishing one's skin with these small jewels in silver and gold, also available with inserts of precious stones and crystals, for a glamorous and limitless fashion.





How skin jewels are applied


The skin jewels with skin touch technology are very simple to use. They can be worn in seconds: clean your skin carefully at the point chosen for the application, attach the special skin touch on the back of the desired jewel, carefully remove the protective film, and Tongue jewelry is used. The procedure is very simple. 


First, it is necessary to proceed with a thorough washing of the skin at the point where it was decided to apply the jewel. For this purpose, it is best to use soap and water, at least alcohol, for a normal body cleansing.At this point, the Naval jewelry with the exact shape and size of the jewel purchased must be recovered and removed from its seat.


After extracting the adhesive from the sheet, place it on the back of the jewel, applying minimal pressure. It will come into direct contact with the skin; then, apply the jewel to the desired point, just being careful to keep your fingers away from the sticky areas. In short, these are the fundamental steps for Intimate jewelry:

  • Clean the skin well with soap and water or alcohol and dry it carefully;
  • Retrieve and remove the adhesive from its seat;
  • Apply the jewel by applying a minimum pressure;
  • Apply the jewel to the previously cleaned area of the skin;


Important thing: every time you choose to detach or reposition the same jewel on a different area of the body, the skin touch adhesive must be replaced to ensure perfect adherence.




Which part of the body to enhance?


If you are undecided about the type of jewel to give, think hard about the parts of the body to be enhanced. Titanium earrings are elongated; two points of light or small diamonds will be fine; if it is round, you can also opt for a pair of pendant or elongated earrings. There are many occasions for younger girls, such as triangular-shaped earrings or abstract patterns, so much in vogue in recent years!


Final remarks


Ultimately, skin jewels respond to a widespread need to seek particular solutions that escape the traditional concept of jewelry and are perfectly suited to young women who love creative and innovative fashion accessories.


Especially during the summer, Titanium piercing jewelry can be the right choice for a decisive touch so that every movement leaves sensual trails of light that accompany and enhance the shapes.