Delicious and Best Quality Namkeen from Indore

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Delicious and Best Quality Namkeen from Indore

Posted By Indore Online     August 22, 2022    


 The most challenging question for individuals who live alone or are regular office goers in Mumbai is what to eat for breakfast. The day's itinerary is more accessible than deciding what to have for breakfast. Especially when your schedule is packed, and you do not have time for tasty spin-offs. Most of the time, you wait for the maid to come and cook, but that ends up being the same boring breakfast every morning. 

We usually do not get time to shop for unique ingredients to get up early and make something extraordinary for breakfast. It usually is the regular pattern of either the same brunch habit or eating leftovers from the night before. 

We understand you need a helping hand in this case, and we are here to save you from the trouble of searching for good recipes and spoiling your morning to engage yourself in the kitchen. We get you; to be honest, it is the same for each of us, so we need not shy away from accepting this. 

The easy way is to give your everyday breakfast a spin using some fantastic flavours. Today we have an excellent breakfast recommendation to give your day a merry start. 

We are using your regular poha packet waiting in the kitchen for its chance to glory, to make something interesting for you. 

Poha vada 

This is the best recommendation for the taste of Mumbaikars to have a crazy spin-off to the morning breakfast. Instead of going for the regular poha with boring vegetables and more or less delayed flavours, try out poha vada. And it is not difficult to make it even when you do not have much time. A good 30 minutes will do the job, and you will be off to the office smilingly with a happy tummy. 

Recipe for Poha Vada 

Satiate your cravings with IndoreOnline Namkeen in Mumbai. You can get your poha packet from Indore online because now you can buy Indore namkeen in Mumbai too. 

You need regular ingredients for the recipe. 

  • Fennel seeds, mustard seeds along with chana dal and urad dal. Urad dal adds to the crunch, but you can skip it if you have digestive issues.
  • Ginger and onion are diced for strong flavour.
  • Oil, whichever you prefer, and curd and water
  • If you like it spicy, add some green chilli to the batter. 

Here is how you go about it 

  1. First, you will have to take poha and wash it properly. After it is washed, you will need to smash it finely in a bowl. Keep it aside.
  2. Take your regular frying pan and add oil and mustard seeds to splutter well. After that, add urad dal, fennel seeds, and curry leaves, imperative for a good smell. Add your diced onion, ginger, and chilli (for spicy eaters) and mix it well. Add curd to the mixture and flatten it. Let the batter rest but not too long.
  3. Take the mixture and shape it into an oval or circular-shaped vada. Press it slightly to flatten.
  4. Take a pan you use for deep frying usually. Pour oil in a generous amount to use for frying. Dip the vada and fry it for about 60-90 seconds until it becomes golden and crunchy in texture.
  5. Keep it on a plate with tissue to drain the excess oil. You can now enjoy your poha vada with any chutney you like. We recommend making coriander chutney to enjoy the taste well.
  6. You add masala milk with your vada to accentuate the taste. If you make this recipe for brunch, make sure to add moong papad to this combination. You can buy moong papad from Indore online namkeen. 


Now, when you can buy Indore namkeen in Mumbai too, why wait to satisfy your breakfast cravings? Tell us if you have tried this poha spin-off. Don’t forget to check out IndoreOnline namkeen and tell us about your recipes for breakfast.