Once they've chosen a Covenant

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Once they've chosen a Covenant

Posted By wang yue     August 23, 2022    


Once they've chosen a Covenant and joined their Sanctum the first time and finished the first part of their Covenant's campaign Then they will have plenty of WOTLK Gold materials to unlock the Command Table.

It is priced at minimum 1000 Anima that players earn by completing world quests by killing enemies, clearing dungeons.

Also, there is 1 Redeemed Soul which they can earn by rescuing Lost Souls from the Maw. When players opt for one of the Command Table, it will take approximately an hour to make. They can begin using it within a matter of minutes.

Players have access to their Command Table at any point from their Sanctum or through The World of Warcraft mobile app should they be unable join in a single day but have a few minutes to embark on a fun adventure.

In selecting the mission they want to complete, players should try to consider the rewards that the mission can offer first before deciding on what missions they can take on at the appropriate level and rarity to take on.

Players should also be on guard for the opponents for each mission, and pay particular attention to their Attack Power and health. The team's players should have more health to withstand the more intense fighting or more Attack Power to buy WOTLK Classic Gold deal double or even triple the harm of the enemies' forces and win.