The Disassembly Principles of Rice Whitener
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The Disassembly Principles of Rice Whitener

Posted By gong liang     November 1, 2018    


In the long-term use, the Rice Whitener(LIANGGONG) will inevitably have some minor faults. Most of them need to be disassembled during maintenance to check what went wrong and where to replace the parts. Therefore, the disassembly work is often required daily. Steps, then if improperly disassembled, it will be counterproductive, and will reduce the service life of the machine, then how to carry out the dismantling work of the grain processing equipment.

1. The structure of the machine is mostly complicated. In order to avoid the loss or damage of the parts during the process of disassembling the machine, the personnel should pay attention to the disassembly work according to its instructions, and not blindly seek fast. At the same time, some components that belong to one body have a low probability of failure, and personnel can choose not to disassemble to save time.

2. In the process of dismantling the grain processing equipment, personnel should pay attention to the fact that when the parts are covered with impurities or relatively thick dust, it is necessary to clean them in time to ensure safety and sanitation. There is also the possibility of slamming the parts, which may cause the parts to deform and affect the service life.

3. After the disassembly work is completed, personnel should pay attention to the classification according to the nature of the materials and the precision of the parts. In addition, it is found that the wear of the components is very serious, pay attention to timely update, or other damage, pay attention to maintenance. If you can continue to use it, pay attention to orderly installation, so that it can create more value.

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