It is definitely not a way of looking at matters

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It is definitely not a way of looking at matters

Posted By Nanlina chen     June 17, 2020    


What I am speaking about is Weapon Affixing, which (IMO) is not necessary right now, but it available in NA. (I don't know whether it Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta is known as"Weapon Affixing" in NA.) Your Weapon and Armor's additional abilities are being modified by weapon Affixing. In other RPGs, weapons can have. That is a matter in PSO2 and through affixing, you can control exactly what additional features your weapon has. However, some of the materials/resources needed for Weapon Affixing are significantly more easy to undergo AC/SG scratches opposed to obtaining them. Some items are ONLY available through folks who get them and sell them on the Phantasy Star Online 2 player market for everybody to purchase.

It is definitely not a way of looking at matters. But when my Alliance member was introducing his argument to the rest of us... I at least understood what he meant. In the interest of fairness, I'm thinking of what he explained, when bringing some of the up. SG scratch is pay to acquire I have great news for you about 18, if you're concerned. If you are talking about AC scratch on NA those paychecks things cost basically nothing about the Phantasy Star Online 2 participant store for routine in game currency (meseta).

Having difficulty with PSO2, wanna like it but what's the endgame?

So began playing about a month ago and I am finding it difficult to enter Phantasy Star Online 2. I'm playing with 3 friends with similar backgrounds. I believe we've unlocked all the areas and I am going through episode 1 of narrative quests. Everything is too easy to kill (hard mode right now) and what is there to do except daily missions and emergency quests? I feel like we are missing the pointwe never really know what to do when we log it feels pointless. PSO was much less complex and had less content but for now we all find PSO2 difficult to get excited about. So either we are too nostalgic or we do not know what we should be doing or (hopefully not) this is simply not appropriate for us anymore. Any help/pointers will be appreciated.

PSO2 endgame has always been about trying to clear things you need a group for within reasonable timeframes. NA just doesn't have a lot of this right now - you're down by 2 difficulty levels (you are fighting level 75 enemies while JP is battling degree 96~100 enemies) and you are also missing a lot of this"endgame" content that is difficult, such as Ultimate Quests, Limitless Quests, etc.. Gradually appreciate the ride - after PC drops, there is going to be a lot people, and there is going to be a few JP vets which are going to be about to help get folks up to speed.

For NA now not much else. You can attempt to max out your personality as much as possible, level other courses, just save meseta in general, fashion stuff, etc.. My experience with PSO2 overall is a sort of on and off match (although I think that's true for lots of F2P MMOs, perhaps only MMOs in general), I only have 3,000 hours over its whole lifetime of 8 decades. Later on there is generally a clear Gearing objective though then is linked to Emergency Quests, to buy PSO2 Meseta mill. Together with latest Divide Quests in JP that are constantly available being the thing to grind out for the best/one of their best weapons people can log in anytime and leap into that if it's exactly what they desire.