The 3 Dos And Don\u2019ts Of Wine Tasting

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The 3 Dos And Don’ts Of Wine Tasting

Posted By Cliff Collins     September 1, 2022    


Whether you are a total wine lover or someone inexperienced, going on wine tours and being a part of the wine tasting events, you learn about what you truly like and what you don’t. Plus, it is a great opportunity to try new and delicious wines without spending any money.

As there are various kinds of wine tasting events, from more structured and formal wine tastings, sitting down at a table, to more informal walk-around wine tastings, here are some dos and don’ts that will help you to show how well you know the wine etiquette.


• A wine tasting event can ultimately feel to be very overwhelming even for the ones who are experienced if you don’t go prepared. Research and create a solid plan as to which wine flavors you would like to taste and drink in moderation.

• Dare to leave your comfort zone and try something new. You will be getting a chance to taste a variety, so don’t waste it by sticking to your favorites (if you find any). In the worst case, you will end up disliking it, but don’t be afraid and do make sure you check out the grapes from a different country. Who knows? You might discover your new favorite too!

• If you are someone or have someone with you who has never tasted wine in life then there are chances where the wine tasting rooms can turn out to be a dangerous place, as in, you might end up getting unimaginably drunk and not remember anything later. It’s better to spit it out than to embarrass yourself in front of many. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly okay to not gulp it down!


• Before a wine tasting event, make sure to eat something. Never think about consuming wine on an empty stomach, otherwise, you won’t even realize when you start making a fool out of yourself.

• This is a mistake that many make. Even when you are holding your coffee mug, you hold its handle, then what makes the wine glass special? So, never try to hold the bowl but the stem when you are drinking wine.

• Wine tasting is totally based on one’s perception. So, you are absolutely free to give your opinion. There is nothing right or wrong about it.

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