\u200bGet real-time scores on your favorite sports teams with FlashScore!
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​Get real-time scores on your favorite sports teams with FlashScore!

Posted By Max Mingay     September 8, 2022    


If so, you’ll want to check out FlashScore, which makes it easy to stay on top of all your favorite teams and leagues throughout the season! Read on to learn how FlashScore can make your live sports experience infinitely better!

Why you need online livescores
What is a livescore? Livescores are an updated list of the latest game results. How do they work? They show live league tables and standings, the latest matches, goal scorers, and the attendance numbers. While watching a game that has already started can be fun, nothing compares to live-online soccer Livescore. Watching a match on TV or sitting in a stadium requires you to put down roots and tune out all distractions in order to enjoy it; if you miss part of the game because you were doing something else, too bad!

What is a scoreboard?
A scoreboard is a board that keeps scores in sports. Typically, the score is listed in frames, one for each player. The color of the frame changes based on which team scores: Red or white for the home team and blue or green for the away team. Sometimes yellow is used if there are no goals in a half of football. The points are also listed inside each frame, written above the lines that connect them to each other to keep it straight who scored what and how many times.

How do I choose the right scoreboard?
Having the right scoreboard is important to know how many points your team has scored, and which side is winning. This becomes very important when the score is close and there are a lot of distractions. A good rule of thumb is to choose the one that lists all of the top leagues such as Premier League, Champions League, Bundesliga, etc. If you are only looking for a specific event, then it may be better to find out which live score website supports that event before making your decision.
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Where can I find all my team’s fixtures and results?
Start by choosing a team and country. Once you have picked a team, you can click on their country and then select the competition in which they are participating. From there, click the fixtures tab at the top of the page to see all their upcoming games – where they will be playing, when the game is taking place, and what time it kicks off. Finally, hit results to view up-to-date information about how that game has gone so far.

How can I follow different leagues and competitions?
A first-time visitor to our site is bound to wonder, how do I know what to follow? Let's see. In the sidebar (or at the top of the homepage if you're reading this in a browser) there are multiple tabs for different leagues and competitions around the world. After we've established what sport you want to watch, all you have to do is type it into the search bar, and voila - a list of every game that's being played as well as their current score. The difference between following games online and watching them live is quite enormous.

Which device am I going to use to get my team’s results?
FlashScore provides the latest soccer and football live scores, fixtures, statistics, and results. Whether you’re a football or soccer fan in Portugal, Spain, Germany, or Italy, you’ll find what you need here to stay up to date. You can watch our videos or read our news articles for more info on your favorite team and competitions like the Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, and Bundesliga. If you're feeling extra adventurous try our quiz game Football Quiz where we put your knowledge of players' nationalities to the test! We also have all of the stats you could want in our glossary: check out how many goals Cristiano Ronaldo has scored for Real Madrid this season - it's something else!

Which league do I need to follow most closely?
If you're a football fan, we have all the EPL livescore, Champions League, Serie A, and La Liga live scores for you. We cover Formula 1 and MotoGP races too. Of course, if basketball or ice hockey is more your style, we've got them too. With over 150 international leagues covered in total, you're never far from the action!