How to Identify a Fake ESA Letter

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How to Identify a Fake ESA Letter

Posted By Bramdon Pickket     September 11, 2022    


Emotional support animals provide us with a sense of purpose and reduce our stress and loneliness. Moreover, there are public situations such as traveling on a bus or train or even visiting the local supermarket that some people might find stressful. However, having an ESA to accompany you will make these trips less stressful as well as manageable rather than overwhelming. In addition, it feels so nice for a patient to pet and cuddles his or her ESA. 

There are several treatments available for patients who suffer from mental illnesses. However, using an emotional support animal is one of the popular treatments currently. To learn more about how to identify a fake esa letter, some methods of identifying one will be described. Also, the ESAs are best friends who listen to us without judging us and bring our spirits back when they are low.

Moreover, the components of a valid ESA letter include patient’s name and details of the animal (type, breed, etc.)confirmation that the person needs emotional support animal due to emotional disability, description of how the animal will help the person, the letterhead of the mental health professional along with his signature and date of issuance, details of the mental health professional such as name, date of license issue, license number, license type, and state, and recommendation or prescription for an emotional support animal.

You can get your ESA letter by asking your therapist to write it. You can also apply for your ESA letter online. Getting an ESA letter is a very simple process. You should get a licensed mental health practitioner to write your letter irrespective of the method. When it is determined that a person will benefit from the companionship of the emotional support animal, the LMHP writes and signs the letter. Moreover, the letter facilitates an individual to assert his or her rights under federal and state laws. With a valid ESA letter, you can also bring your emotional support animal whether dog or cat to your workplace.

Furthermore, an emotional support animal with the right documentation protects you from certain Federal laws when it comes to housing. Landlords require the resident to submit a document from a licensed mental health professional known as an esa letter for housing which ensures under the Fair Housing Act that the owners of the ESAs are not unfairly discriminated against. It allows the owner to live with ESA in houses, condos, apartments, and anywhere where pets are otherwise prohibited. 

However, one must know how to identify a fake ESA letter? To know this, one should also know how to identify a real ESA letter. Here are some ways through which you can identify a real ESA letter:

  •         You will be consulted by the therapist before writing your letter
  •         The ESA letter is written on the therapist's official letterhead
  •         It has the therapist’s original signature
  •         It contains the complete details of the therapist such as full name, educational qualification, and state where he is authorized to work
  •         It mentions the date of expiration

If an ESA letter is like one or more of the above, then you should know that it is a real one.

Furthermore, if you are suffering from some kind of mental illness then you would probably want to qualify for an emotional support animal. The most important thing for you to know is that the only way to properly qualify your animal companion as an ESA is to obtain an emotional support animal letter from your licensed mental healthcare professional. You can also obtain this letter from your physician.

These factors can also help you in spotting a fake ESA letter and ESA website:

  •         Websites offer the ESA registry.
  •         Delivery within an hour or so
  •         No screening or assessment by a mental health professional
  •         No follow-ups
  •         You will not be consulted by the therapist before writing your letter
  •         The ESA letter is not written on the therapist's official letterhead
  •         It does not have the therapist’s original signature
  •         It does not contain the complete details of the therapist such as full name, educational qualification, and state where he is authorized to work
  •         It does not mention the date of expiration

In addition, you should be aware of dozens of illegal online websites that claim to offer esa letter online. If someone is offering emotional support registration then it is fake because no such thing exists.

The number of fake ESA letters is exploding. Therefore, if you are qualified for ESA, you must obtain your letter from the right person. Because getting caught with a fake or illegal letter will result in stricter penalties such as 100,000 dollars fine, community service, or even imprisonment.

Emotional support animal alleviates the symptoms of emotional disability of its owner by providing a feeling of comfort and love. The emotional, cognitive, social, and/or physical functioning of an individual can be improved by possessing an ESA. Also, the animal does not need specific working abilities to meet the requirements for emotional support.

Moreover, emotional support animals are protected under federal laws such as the Air Carrier Access Act, the Fair Housing Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

To avail these facilities, you must have a valid and real emotional support dog letter to have your or any other animal accompany you wherever you go.

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