A Compact Guide on Blue Dream Autoflower Seeds

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A Compact Guide on Blue Dream Autoflower Seeds

Posted By Adam Christ     September 12, 2022    


Cannabis seeds from the Blue Dream variety have a lot going for them. So, it only made sense to devote the time to this renowned strain's merits and create a strain review.

Since its introduction on the American West Coast, the strain known as Blue Dream has enjoyed enormous popularity. She is a Blueberry x Haze hybrid with a Sativa-dominant profile and a persistently fruity aroma. In order to confirm that Blue Dream is a fantastic choice for recreational and medicinal users, we decided to dig deep into her frosty buds. See if this well-known strain really did leave us dreaming of California by reading on.

The hype is real. Several lists of the best cannabis strains have Blue Dream at the top. Pretty much any dispensary you enter will have stock. Why is this strain so well-liked, then?

A balanced high that is both energizing and relaxing is what Blue Dream is renowned for producing. There are fewer unwanted side effects than with some other cannabis strains, and many users report feeling inspired and creative. Women love the blue dream because it makes menstrual cramps disappear like a slacker ex-boyfriend. Users who use this strain for medicinal purposes report relief from pain, anxiety, and depression.

BLUE DREAM'S Flavor and Fragrance

Due to Blueberry genetics, Blue Dream is a particularly sweet and flavorful strain. Her rich, potent scents are anything but bland or generic. One of the strongest memory triggers is smell, which takes us back to the typical summer days we spent as kids. A sweet aroma reminiscent of picking berries in the hot sun engulfed us as Blue Dream played.
It emits strong notes of citrus and berries along with a sweet vanilla flavor. Myrcene, the most noticeable terpene in Blue Dream, occasionally lends hints of mango. Earthy pine and sandalwood balance these fruity undertones. Blue Dream is a treat to eat, much like your grandmother's homemade pie.


Blue Dream has a shorter flowering period of approximately 9 weeks due to the indica portion of her genetic makeup. When compared to other Haze varieties, that is very fast. Oh, how quickly they mature! It will develop into a 1.5 m tall statuesque plant covered in icy buds. We noticed it almost instantly grew after it reached the flowering stage. The Sativa side of Blue Dream is responsible for impressive height, and the indica side is responsible for heavy, dense buds. This combination calls for the installation of sturdy trellis support.


Cannabis home cultivation is becoming more popular and legal in a number of states and provinces in the US and Canada. Blue Dream Autoflower Seeds are widely available from vendors making it simple to start growing marijuana at home. For ordering or more information on Blue Dream Autoflower Seeds, please visit our website.