Supplyia - Source to Delivery: Product Sourcing Service for Your New Products

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Supplyia - Source to Delivery: Product Sourcing Service for Your New Products

Posted By supplyia yia     September 15, 2022    


Supplyia-Sourcing is a Chinese sourcing company (headquartered in Yiwu, China) specializing in sourcing products and product engineering services. We serve clients worldwide, including factory owners, retailers, wholesalers, independent stations, and e-commerce stores. Backed by a factory background, we can help our customers find a reliable manufacturer and develop products that meet their needs, shipping from China.



Our purchasing team consists of more than 40 professionals who are sales, product experts, designers, account managers, after-sales managers, etc. Our team members perform their duties responsibly, take every customer and request seriously, strive to sourcing, inspection, shipping that best meet customer requirements, and provide the most enthusiastic service. 


Transformed into a sourcing agent in China for more than 10 years, we have provided satisfactory product solutions for various products. We can provide a one-stop product sourcing service whether you want to source or produce. The mission of Supplyia Procurement is "service," serving customers through the entire procurement process, from beginning to end. To become one of the top sourcing agents in China, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction and company reputation. Therefore, we will never let our customers down, not only for our customers but also for our development.


Our early clients influence most clients who decide to work with us because they heard from them about our good reputation. Doing business is not a single wooden bridge. Win-win cooperation with customers and expected growth with customers have been our philosophy since the establishment of supplyia Purchasing. Our services help our clients get the ideal product and help us become one of the top sourcing companies.


Generally speaking, factories are deeply engaged in vertical products, and formal purchasing companies are familiar with one or several types of products.


However, Supplyia purchasing is a professional China 1688 purchasing agent, transformed from a factory with decades of production experience. This means that we are not only particularly familiar with the products but also have accumulated high-quality purchasing resources since the factory. Backed by our resources, our services range from daily necessities to industrial equipment. At the same time, the factory experience also enables us to understand the needs of our customers uniquely and deeply.


Here is another advantage: product engineering services. Indiegogo and Kickstarter help you make your dreams come true through investment, and rich sourcing makes all your dreams come true through production capabilities. You come up with an idea, and we help you from design to production, allowing you to sell the most unique, high-quality product.


In addition to accumulating purchasing knowledge and experience, our sales and service teams specialize in import and export trade. While understanding how to source products from China, we are also familiar with overseas customers' working habits and mentality. This enables us to meet our client's requirements in terms of communication and coordination.