Some Important Tips For Buying Rash Guard
    • Last updated September 17, 2022
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Some Important Tips For Buying Rash Guard

Posted By Stab Happy     September 17, 2022    


Are you looking for a rash guard? When looking for rash guards for men, there are some crucial elements to consider before making a purchase. Perhaps you require a rash guard for surfing, athletics, muay thai, grappling, or simply for sun protection. Whatever your motivations for purchasing this kind of garment, you must ensure that your purchasing decisions are sound as this purchase is critical to your health. Before investing any money on a rash guard, consider the textiles used, the comfort as well as protection assurances, pricing factors, the manufacturer's origin, and several other significant elements. Continue reading, and this brief shopping guide will assist you become an experienced rash guard purchaser in a matter of minutes.

  1. Fabric and materials

The greatest mens rash guard shirt is manufactured with Lycra & Nylon, two fabrics that, when combined, provide the highest rash prevention and flexibility. The proper fabric mix is around 80% Nylon and 20% Lycra, as scientifically tested by numerous rash guard manufacturers. Because spandex and cotton blends are less expensive than top grade Lycra, some companies produce garments out of them. These "knock offs" of genuine rash guards are sometimes poorly made and readily come apart. Not to forget the SPF protection restrictions!

  1. Satisfaction, Comfort, and Sizing Guarantee

Sun shirts for men is perhaps the most difficult commodity to get on the web, mainly form fitting rash guards. When you buy a rash guard online, or any clothes for that matter, check sure the firm you're working with has a return policy. Once you get your rash guard, put it on and inspect it for any irritating places, scratchy surfaces, or areas that may cause irritation. Then again, we want to avoid rash, not cause it.

  1. Rash and sunscreen Protection from the sun

Quality compression shorts provide rash protection as well as SPF protection. "SPF" is an abbreviation for "Sun Protection Factor," and it is often expressed as a proportion of how much of the damaging UV/UVA solar rays are prevented. You would like a rash guard that have at least a 95% SPF rating so you can wear it without worrying about sunscreen. The firm promoting the clothing should be capable of backing up the SPF rating with radiation testing laboratory certification.

  1. Reasonably priced and of high quality

Rash guard costs on the internet differ greatly. Well-known brands attempt to charge greater prices as they print their trademarks all over them, making them appear more enticing to shoppers. These larger surf brands, however, do not provide superior materials, security, or comfort assurances than local firms that focus on quality rash guards instead of branding. If you want to pay an extra for a 'logo,' that's OK, but if you just want a high-quality rash guard with such a nice colour, ideal comfort, and 100% protection, there are companies that give that value without the exorbitant price tag.

Most of the offshore operations aim to mass produce rather than employ stringent quality control measures.