Passenger Elevator Factory Shares How To Use Elevators

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Passenger Elevator Factory Shares How To Use Elevators

Posted By huzhou fuji     July 8, 2020    


No matter what kind of household residential elevators have some precautions during use, if they are not followed, it is likely to cause damage to the elevator. Passenger Elevator Factory introduces to us what needs to be paid attention to during the use of household elevators. ?

1. Keep the elevator car clean. Smoking is prohibited in the passenger compartment. Do not discard the residues such as snacks or fruits in the elevator car to avoid debris and other debris entering the gap of the car door sill and causing damage to the equipment.

2. Keep the elevator car dry. Do not bring running umbrellas or rain boots into the car. One is to prevent the car floor from getting wet and make people slip. The other is to prevent the water flow from entering the shaft along the gap between the elevator sills and electrical appliances. The device is short-circuited.

3. The elevator cannot be started, do not try to prevent the car from closing the door with hands, feet or crutches, sticks, sticks, etc., so as not to affect the elevator structure and cause danger.

4. Failure of the elevator needs to be dealt with calmly. When there is a breakdown in the elevator or some accidents, you can't panic, let alone press the buttons in the elevator, you should call for help by telephone or press the emergency ringing.

5. When the elevator does not operate normally, the professional manufacturer should be notified in time for overhaul, and must not be repaired without authorization.

The above content is organized and shared by the Observation Elevators manufacturer, hoping to help those in need.