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Invincible login gift pack system _ 20200215155810.

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Bu Qingyun was beside her and saw the meaning in her eyes. He immediately said, "Chief Yao Ji, don't be reckless!"! Everything is not without a turn for the better, and it does not have to be solved by sacrifice. "Brother Bu, do you have a way?" Bu Qingyun lowered his head and thought about it. After a long time, he said, "I can only try." With these words, he took out the broken pagoda immersed in his Qihai cave. Three strong Yao people saw the appearance of the pagoda at this time. The face is slightly startled, can let the defense force close to the longevity of the pagoda so damaged, step by step before the journey is not simple! Bu Qingyun looked at the now broken pagoda. "I hope it will work," he muttered. Then, with a forceful wave of his hand, the broken pagoda rose from his hand. Slowly come to the anti-sky array. Bu Qingyun urged the True Qi to make the pagoda rotate, but the speed was extremely slow, and the aura of the array was not moved. After a cup of tea, Buqingyun was already sweating profusely, and when he wanted to give up, the pagoda suddenly flashed! "Done?!" He exclaimed, but it was only a flicker, and the pagoda dimmed and did not rotate, no matter how Buqingyun urged the True Qi. It doesn't help. Yao Ji looked at this situation, his face changed slightly, and then he gritted his teeth and rose to the sky, leaving the acupoint array. Chief Yao Ji! Cried Bu Qingyun. It's too late to stop it. Yao Yilin and Yao Yizhong also exclaimed, "Patriarch!" They are too late to make a move, the beautiful Yao Ji has come to the pagoda before! She suddenly turned around and smiled, then resolutely turned around, her whole body burst into dazzling light, only to see her clothes slowly disappear and fall off. "The blue light enveloped her body and set off her graceful figure like a fairy." Chief Yao Ji! Bu Qingyun and the other two Yao strong people shouted at the same time, they watched Yao Ji disappear in the air, all the glory is shrouded in the pagoda. The broken pagoda suddenly glowed with gold,heavy duty cantilever racks, the damaged places grew rapidly, and the cracks slowly healed. Crash! After the pagoda is restored, it rotates rapidly at this time, and the power of the anti-sky array is constantly absorbed by it. Surrounded by more intensive thunder, Buqingyun and two Yao strong people have been consumed at this time, even the power of the air is not, so fell down, but three people at the same time watching the pagoda. The second brother.. "Bu Qingyun was afraid of the spirit beast that was absorbing the aura in the thunder chop, but fortunately the pagoda all withstood the thunder!"! With the sound of three bangs, the three men fell heavily to the ground, stronger than them, falling from such a high altitude can not cause much damage, at most a pain. Can it work? Yao Yilin grinned and said. Yao Yizhong shook his head, then nodded, "of course it will succeed!"! That's Yao Ji, shuttle rack system ,mobile racking systems, the head of the clan. "At this point, his voice was a little hoarse.". Bu Qingyun's heart is also a burst of sadness, but at this time there is no time for them to be sad, more importantly, to help the pagoda and Jing Hong absorb Reiki faster, to destroy the anti-sky array! Due to the addition of the pagoda, the absorption of the Reiki of the anti-sky array has been accelerated several times, and the Lingshi has been damaged by two-thirds! The pagoda and Jing Hong seemed to be fighting for each other at this time, so that the speed of absorbing the aura would be faster. Bu Qingyun three people can not help but be happy in their hearts. Boom! In the sky, there were constant jagged thunder crashing down, but they could not break through the defense of the pagoda, but in vain. Just when he fell from the sky, the blood-red world around him had disappeared and returned to its original color, which was dark and white except for black. The three of them had already breathed, and at this time they did not waste the True Qi to rise in the air, but urged the True Qi formed in the body to turn into streamers, helping the pagoda to rotate faster. Boy, don't waste your True Qi! Urge the acupoint array map! Tower soul old voice resounded, after getting the power of Yao Ji, it has been revived, at this time absorbed the spirit of the anti-sky array, but also restored to the point before going to the other side of the West Sea! Buqingyun, like waking up from a dream, quickly sat down, operated the magic, put aside all thoughts to absorb the turbulent spirit of heaven and earth around him. One side of Yao Yilin and Yao Yizhong also hurriedly stop, their hands paddled at the same time, will be around the world Reiki imprisonment. Send it to Buqingyun to help him recover faster. Step by step today's strength, to urge the acupoint array map, need one fifth of the True Qi to go, has just been consumed, this time to restore fear to a wick of incense! This speed is not slow, even faster than Yao Yilin and Yao Yizhong! The acupoint lit by Buqingyun is very peculiar. It is not only as simple as the acupoint array map, but also can help him absorb the spirit of heaven and earth more quickly and recover from injuries, which are only revealed after he reaches Nirvana. At the time of the Empty Realm. None of this has ever happened. Speaking of it, Bu Qingyun is not very thorough about the understanding of the Eight Diagrams Acupoint Array. There are still some unknown. In other words, his current strength is not enough to show the power of the acupoint array perfectly. Time passed by minute by minute, when the thunder in the air had been chopping continuously, Bu Qingyun woke up and turned around. Boy, hurry to help me, these thunder are getting stronger and stronger! Tower soul found the situation below, hurriedly urged. Bu Qingyun took the hint and rose into the air, gushing out the True Qi of his whole body. At the same time, the starlight rushed out of his body, forming a pattern of the Eight Diagrams in the air, rotating rapidly, hanging on the pagoda and the Jinglin spirit beast. Roar! Jing Hong raised his head to the sky and roared, only to see the golden light of his whole body. The scales like gold bricks are even more dazzling. Boy, I broke through! The pagoda was closest to the Jinglin spirit beast, and the soul of the pagoda sent out such a cry of surprise at this time. Bu Qingyun had already closed his eyes at this time,heavy duty cantilever racks, while manipulating the acupoint array map, while absorbing the intense fluctuations around the spirit of heaven and earth, and did not know the situation of Jing Hong at this time.