How to achieve a healthy office
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How to achieve a healthy office

Posted By con tuo     July 9, 2020    


With more and more work in the office, many companies began to use standing office desk, because standing office has many advantages.

First, it can bring extra calorie consumption. A study by the University of Pittsburgh compared the effects of three working postures of standing, standing and sitting, and sitting posture on energy consumption, and found that although the additional energy consumed by standing office is not much, there is a statistically significant difference from sitting office. The effect of weight loss, but over time, this accumulation is considerable.

Second, although standing alone does not solve the problems of backache and shoulder and neck discomfort in the office, due to the choice of standing for office, the body is no longer fixed in a certain position, and the frequency of walking around will increase accordingly. When standing, people's knee pressure will increase, and they will unconsciously walk and stretch indirectly.

Third, although standing in the office does not solve all the problems, it is actually not impressive compared to sitting and burning more calories, but it expands the scope of my activities in the office, increases the frequency of activities, and can help me when I am busy. Relieve health stress.

Generally speaking, standing office is not just simply standing. Whether it is sitting for a long time or standing for a long time, what affects the health of the body is actually maintaining static behavior for a long time. Therefore, it is the essence of healthy office to let yourself move regularly. Standing Alternate, moderate activity, and maintain the correct posture in each state, this can ensure true health.

If you want to improve the existing office environment, you can actually start by trying to use the objects around you, such as adding an adjustable desk, etc. are very practical.