Alcohol Addiction \u2013 Care and Treatment Tips
    • Last updated September 20, 2022
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Alcohol Addiction – Care and Treatment Tips

Posted By anotherchancerehab anotherchancerehab     September 20, 2022    


What is alcohol addiction?

Alcohol addiction, also known as alcoholism, is a disorder marked by compulsive alcohol use, a lack of control over consumption, and the appearance of unfavorable emotional states when alcohol is absent.


According to the Portland Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center, alcohol addiction leads to an impaired ability to stop or control the use of alcohol despite the adverse social, occupational, or health consequences.


Tips on how to care for an individual with alcohol addiction

As aptly reckoned by Alcohol Rehab Portland Oregon, caring for a loved one with alcohol addiction can be both painful and challenging for the whole family.


However, if the person is to be saved from the disease, care for them is required. Here are some tips about how to assist someone who is dependent on alcohol:


  1. Talking to them about their drinking

Whilst it is not easy to talk to someone about their drinking, it is absolutely essential. It makes sense that you could be concerned that voicing your worries might make the other person irate, defensive, or deny the issue.


To talk to them, Alcohol Rehab Oregon advises that you choose a time when they are not drinking, express your concerns in a caring way, encourage them to open up, consider staging a family meeting or intervention, don’t take any negative reactions personally, don’t cover up for them, and don’t attempt to threaten, punish, bribe, or preach to them.


  1. Encourage them to seek help

Expecting your loved one to beat their alcoholism on their own is unrealistic. To stop drinking entirely or significantly reduce their consumption, they will need your encouragement, direction, and new coping mechanisms.


Leading alcohol and drug treatment centers near me recommend that, as part of encouraging loved ones to seek help with their alcohol addiction, you can offer to accompany them to doctor's appointments, group meetings, or counseling sessions.


  1. Help to locate resources for dealing with their addiction

An individual one who is battling alcohol addiction may not look for the right resources to assist them in getting sober due to their emotional state.


You can assist them by conducting research to find the top 12-step programs, outpatient programs, or inpatient programs for alcohol rehab that they could enroll in. You might also assist them in gaining access to reading material so they can learn about the risks associated with alcoholism and how to find recovery.


  1. Offer your support

Remember that you cannot force someone to get treatment for their alcohol addiction if they choose not to do so.Therefore, the best way to care for them is to offer your help.  They are free to accept or reject your offer as they see fit. Be real, nonjudgmental, and empathic when you provide your assistance.


Treatment tips for an individual with alcohol addiction

When I accompanied a great friend of mine for treatment at a leading drug and alcohol rehab near me, I learned a lot about the treatment of alcohol addiction. Some of the timeless tips I gathered are as follows:


  1. Treatment options

The severity of a person's drinking problem, the stability of their living environment, and any other health problems they may be dealing with all play a role in determining the best treatment options for alcohol addiction. The optimal course of therapy is one that treats both the co-occurring illnesses and and the drinking.


  1. Inpatient versus outpatient treatment

You can assist your loved one in deciding between inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, depending on the severity of the drinking issue and other obligations.


Outpatient rehabilitation would be the ideal choice if they have obligations that would be hampered by entering a residential facility. On the other hand, inpatient rehab would be the greatest choice if the severity of their addiction required round-the-clock supervision.


  1. Behavioral treatments

Treatment of alcohol addiction requires behavioral re-orientation. That is best achieved through individual, group, and family therapy sessions.


You can help a loved one in recovery from alcoholism by supporting them during behavioral therapies so they can discover the underlying causes of their drinking, mend their broken relationships, and learn how to cut back or quit drinking.


Need more help with care and treatment of alcohol addiction?

If you want to effectively overcome your alcohol addiction, you need all the assistance you can get. In addition to your family, there are organizations that are constantly available to help you on your sober journey. Call (971) 272-8968 for additional details about these, or submit your question here.