Excalibur Demon Soul
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Excalibur Demon Soul

Posted By Carl Byrge     Sep 21    


The Great God yuantong also took out three small rolls of yellow cloth from his bosom and intended to give them to the Master of Robbery. But after a slight hesitation, he took them back and said, "Come with me." Then he walked out of the door ten feet away. Then he said again, "These three volumes of magic amulets are also old things scattered in the clouds. They are called'Tianxin Thunder '. After they are sent out, they are extremely powerful. You can keep them. If something happens, when the old devil acts foolishly, you can use them to hit her." Then he taught the master how to use it. When the Buddhist monk Wu Chen saw this, he said, "The arrangement of the Buddhist nun is so thorough that it is enough to set your mind at rest." As soon as the words came out of her mouth, the dark witch laughed wildly again and said, "Don't be happy, old thief. Don't think that the things left by the old cloud ghost can subdue me. Didn't you think that if he could really subdue me, he would have taken care of my master with these things when he was alive?"? To tell you the truth! Since the old ghost can't clean up my master, what can I do with this little Dharma Altar and Tianxin Thunder? Now I don't want to be born, as long as the time comes, but who else can stop me? Then he laughed wildly. When Master Jiu and Lu Yu heard this, all of them turned pale with fear. Even the God monk Wuchen was stunned by it. yuantong Shenni was so angry that he turned around and shouted, "What are you going to do?"? Have you forgotten that your master was abandoned under the Dragon Sword? The dark witch laughed and said, "In my house,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, the solution of the soldiers is the degree of destruction. Do you think that's the skill of an old dead ghost?" yuantong Shenni shouted, "Is that vulgar thinking about the solution of the war?" "When the time comes," said the Dark Witch, "you won't be able to keep me. When it's in the hands of my disciples, you'll have something to look at." yuantong Shenni was so angry that he went back to the nunnery. "In that case," he shouted, "the old nun will cross over you today." The dark witch smiled slyly and said,fake blossom tree, "I'm afraid it's not enough for you to do it alone. But how can you convince the old thief to dare to kill?" yuantong Shenni was so angry that he turned around and greeted Wuchen Shenni. But Monk Wuchen had already opened his mouth and said, "Forget it!"! Why should you and I have the same experience as her? When the disaster comes, it's time for her to die. Let's go! Then he winked at yuantong Shenni. Only then did yuantong Shenni hold back his anger and walk out of the nunnery again, strolling away with the monk Wuchen. Lu Yu followed behind. I don't know how far I've come. Master Jiu caught up with him again and said, "Master, Shenni, please walk slowly." Monk Wu Chen hurriedly asked what was the matter? "The old devil threatened the disciple and forced him to return to her door for her to drive. Otherwise, he would plunge the disciple into a situation beyond redemption," said the master with a face full of panic. "Where is this going to happen?" The Buddhist monk asked. "This is what the disciple has heard with his own ears," said the Master. "It's nothing," said yuantong Shenni. "If she doesn't show up, you don't have to be afraid at all. If she shows up, you can hit her with Tianxinlei." "But the disciple's mind is very restless," said the Master. "This is a phenomenon that has never happened before. So the disciple is always afraid of being taken advantage of by her." Monk Wuchen thought for a moment and said, artificial grass panels ,faux ficus tree, "Then I will teach you the'Heavenly Dragon Zen Singing 'again. If she harasses you again, you can rely on her to control her, but you can't use it indiscriminately. It's useless to get rid of her. You should know that Buddhism is the most important cause. Since you have been under her door in the past and have the righteousness of master and apprentice with her, you should not punish her. Besides, you are absolutely no match for her." 'Tianlong Zen Singing 'is the supreme power of Buddhism to subdue demons, but when you are a beginner, you can't exert your power, so you can only use it to defend yourself, and you can't hurt her. This must be remembered at all times. The master of robbery should be. Monk Wuchen immediately taught her "Tianlong Zen Singing". Fortunately, everything in Buddhism was simple and easy to learn, so she could learn it as soon as she was taught. However, when the Goddess Monk Wuchen left, Master Liao Jie still said, "I am alone, and I always feel uneasy." Monk Wuchen comforted her a few words and said, "Do your best. If there is a suitable person, a teacher will be sent to accompany you." Only then did Master Jiu say goodbye and go back to the nunnery. On the way back, yuantong Shenni couldn't help saying, "If you wait like this, don't worry about it. Even the old nun can't feel at ease." "Fortunately," said Monk Wuchen, "the Dharma Altar has not been broken, and it is supplemented by the Thunder of the Heart of Heaven. I think I can have nothing to do with it." yuantong Shenni frowned and said, "I'm afraid I can't be so optimistic. It's hard for the old nun to rest assured that the main lamp in Du'e Nunnery will go out." "Why don't you go back and check it out?" Asked the Buddhist monk. yuantong Shenni said, "The Dharma Altar is the same as the'Heavenly Heart Thunder. 'It's all an old thing of Yunsan people. The old nun got it by chance, so he followed suit and used it. I don't know what the reason is, but I can find out where it is."? Even the real power of these things, whether they can certainly suppress the old devil, has not yet been fully believed. Monk Wu Chen was stupefied for a moment. Then he said, "As far as the old monk knows, the Dragon Sword is indeed the devil's nemesis. So the only way is to get the Dragon Sword out of the well as soon as possible so that the old devil won't have any more room for manoeuvre." yuantong Shenni nodded his head, but then he said, "It's too strange that you still refuse to join forces with the old nun to kill her. If you dare not kill her, don't you know that my Buddha's abstinence from killing is to abstain from being innocent and to kill evil demons, which is the reason for achieving supreme merit?" Monk Wu Chen sighed and said, "The nun has misunderstood me. When did the old monk not want to get rid of her in the past twenty years?"? Just to get rid of her is not difficult, if we can not at the same time that the'Xuanzang Sutra 'destroyed, is not to follow the old path of scattered people, leaving endless hidden dangers for future generations? "So do you already have a plan that works?" Asked yuantong Shenni. Monk Wuchen said, "I am in the Bureau, and every business is in the hands of the machine. It is always difficult to predict when things are not imminent. Therefore, although there is a plan, whether it can be effective or not is still an unpredictable day. I can only do my best to listen to the destiny of heaven." yuantong Shenni said,silk cherry blossom tree, "If you calculate more, you will win. If you calculate less, you will not win. Tell me. The old nun will see one or two details.". hacartificialtree.com