Small Paddy Cleaner for Small Grain Farmers
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    • Last updated November 7, 2018
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Small Paddy Cleaner for Small Grain Farmers

Posted By gong liang     November 7, 2018    


In the season of grain harvesting in China, in the growing areas of various places, it is often seen that grain-collecting households purchase grain grains that have just been harvested and simply dried in the land or even on the roadside, and then store them and process them into feed for their own breeding, or Store and wait for the price increase to be sold. When grain collectors buy grain from growers, because they are just harvested food, they have not been screened and cleaned up. The impurities in the grain contain more, even the particles of pests and diseases, which will cause great harm to processing and storage. And the loss, at this time, it is necessary to carry out screening and cleaning work, screening and removing various impurities and pest particles in the grain, facilitating storage, and secondary processing and sales. Large-scale grain-receiving households are not suitable for use due to the limitations of equipment sites, and are not suitable for controlling cost. Some specific small Paddy Cleaner(LIANGGONG) is required.

What are the commonly used small paddy cleaner machine?

(1) Small-scale screening stone removal machine: Features compact products and high processing capacity. There is no dust spill in the fully enclosed work, which greatly protects the working environment. Double-layer screening, mainly to clean light and heavy impurities (stones, mud blocks) in food crops. The gravel sub-class impurities that are difficult to clean by other screening equipment are most significant.

(2) Small vibration screening machine: Features: The product is completely enclosed, no dust overflowing, high processing capacity, focusing on cleaning light impurities in the grain. By replacing the screen and adjusting the size of the mesh hole, a large number of common grain materials can be cleaned, suitable for one machine. More use.

(3) Small-scale air-selection screening machine: The characteristic product adopts wind-selection as power, and the processing capacity is low. The treatment of light-weight fine granular materials is the most significant. The screening and cleaning by wind force has the most significant effect on light-cleaning in grain.

(4) Small combination cleaning machine: The characteristic product is the combination of vibration screening machine and air selection screening machine, no dust overflow, double cleaning, clearing heavy and light noise effect is more significant.

The above is a commonly used small paddy cleaner. If there are special materials, the factory can carry out the screening equipment used for production and research. With excellent team and research and development experience to serve you, to achieve your satisfaction.

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