It's the Rim Protector Badge Pack

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It's the Rim Protector Badge Pack

Posted By lucy Sage     September 21, 2022    


NBA 2K has 2K MT released a brand new pack that features many outstanding players. The homepage of the NBA2king.COM website has been updated with the latest locker code which allows you to access the pink diamond of Tracy McGrady for free.As always, some cards perform better than others in Your MyTEAM lineup. This bag is full of high-value cards, but there are still some cards that look great.The best player in MyTEAM Mystery PackGiannis Antetokounmpo-Pink Diamond (95 OVR)-PF/CTracy McGrady-Pink Diamond (95 OVR)-SF/SGJames Harden-Diamond (94 OVR)-SG/SFDrazen Petrovic-Diamond (93 OVR)-SG/SFJohn Stockton-Diamond (92 OVR)-PG/SGGiannis Antetokounmpo-Pink DiamondFinishingShootingPlaymakingDefensivePersonalityTracy McGrady-Pink DiamondFinishingShootingPlaymakingDefensivePersonalityNBA 2K23 locker codeIf you are ready to try your luck and get a free NBA 2K23 Mystery Pack, we have prepared the perfect NBA 2K23 locker code for you. Usually, the price of these packages ranges from 11.250 VC/15.750 NBA 2K23 MT to 135.000 VC, so I am glad you have the opportunity to get a free mystery package.Enter the locker code: "MYSTIC-TMAC-AND-GIANNIS" for a chance to get a mystery pack, a Slasher badge pack, or 2 NBA 2K23 MT. The NBA 2K23 locker code is accessible until December 1. 2021. Please enter it as soon as possible. To find more NBA 2K23 locker codes, visit NBA2king.COM.

NBA 2K23 has announced the latest locker code. The specific code content can be viewed on NBA2king.COM. By entering this code, you'll get Flash 4 Pack, Playmaker Badge Pack, or 2 Tokens. Of these, there are numerous excellent player cards included in Flash 4 Pack, which can dramatically increase the team's strength.The so-called best card has two meanings. One is the extent to which it impacts your team's lineup as well as the amount you can buy at auction. These cards are among the top of the line in Flash 4 Pack; they are sure to provide you with lots of NBA 2K23 MT in auction, which will help you gain in MyTEAM.The greatest player cards from Flash 4 Pack:John Wall (PG/SG)-Pink Diamond (95 OVR)Clyde Drexler (SG/SF)-Pink Diamond (95 OVR)Penny Hardaway (PG/SG)-Diamond (94 OVR)John Wall was once among the best players to play with the Wizards and was chosen in the hands of NBA 2K in their list of top player in Washington Wizards history. He was an offensive guard on the most successful team in history.

It's the Rim Protector Badge Pack is available in the recently released NBA 2K23 locker code which can increase the player's ability to block enhance the blocker's or teammate's takeover gauge, enable unique block animations and give blockers and blockers. 'S teammates increase the takeover meter after blocking shots. For specific information on the Cheap NBA 2K MT code, visit NBA2king.COM.Name the rim protectorControl TriangleSkills: Defense> Inside defense, blockType: Defense/Rebound badge