Drown in the savory flavour of Indori namkeen

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Drown in the savory flavour of Indori namkeen

Posted By Indore Online     September 21, 2022    


Imagine you get up on a Monday without the willingness to go to work. You gear up and get ready and go to the kitchen. You see leftovers from yesterday and it ticks you off when you think about eating it. You muster some courage and think about what to make easily and quickly before going to work. Something that fills you with excitement because of its flavours and aroma and for days like these we got you Indori Poha topped with Indori namkeen. You can type in the search box Indori namkeen near me and then you can get it on Indore online. 

The Indori poha is by far the most favourite street food and the best breakfast for many people. Nowadays when you can order snacks online why not just go for your cravings early in the morning and let yourself feel the calm of starting a wonderful day with your favourite food? 

So we are here to gear you up to defeat the Monday blues and go to work happily. 

As you know Indori Poha isn’t tough to make but you need to have the right ingredients in place to get started. So open your search bar and type in Indori namkeen near me and get your favorite namkeen at your doorstep. 

First things first, the general preparation for Poha. 

Take the flattened rice and rinse it in water. Rinse it well to remove any unwanted particles and also to soften them. The beaten rice absorbs the water while rinsing. But be careful not to break the flat grains. 

You can then use a vessel to strain the water and separate the drenched soft poha.

Now pay attention that the poha doesn’t have its crunch intact. It should be mashable. Try taking grain and mashing it with your fingers. 

Take a pan for cooking. Add 2-3 spoons of oil. The oil can be sunflower or any other oil as per choice. Spread the oil in the pan. Add mustard seeds to start with the cooking and let them fry. Add cumin seeds and fennel seeds to the mix. 

If you like chili in your poha, add chopped green chili and stir. Green chili adds spice to the poha and doesn’t make it taste bland. Add the staple ingredient of that is onion. The onion can be about 1/3rd cup in quantity, sliced or chopped well. While all of the spices crackle and the onion turns brownish red, stir on a low flame. 

Keep the drained separated poha rice aside and add haldi, salt, and half a spoon of sugar.

Sugar will add the signature sweet taste of Indori poha. 

Now back to mix the spices in the pan, and add the mixed poha rice. As you stir and cook the mixture, add roasted peanuts and curry leaves to it. Saute the entire mix for a few seconds. Mix the poha and other ingredients gently, not breaking the pressed rice grains. 

On a low flame, cover the poha and steam it for a while. We recommend steaming it for about 2 minutes. 

After two minutes, check the mix and see if it is done. 

Now after plating you are going to need the best ingredients to get the authentic Indori flavour. As mentioned before, search for Indori namkeen near me and get the toppings such as ratlami sev and jeeravan masala to add on top of this regular breakfast and call it a day. If you do not prefer online shopping for your staples, we recommend searching for  namkeen shop near me and getting the breakfast essentials.  

Check out Indore online and get the best Indori namkeen for your breakfast and suppers. Indore online has it all covered, from breakfast essentials to nighttime treats. Do not let the craving die, cherish them and serve them the taste of Indore.