Some Ramadan Decoration Ideas You Might Like

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Some Ramadan Decoration Ideas You Might Like

Posted By Gertrude Bologna     September 28, 2022    


Even though the basics haven't changed, Ramadan decoration ideas have always changed with the times. With the way Ramadan and Eid have changed in the age of social media and growing commercialization, there is no shortage of ideas for Ramadan decorations online during the holy month and the Eid break.

How Should I Decorate My House and Workplace During Ramadan?

Luminous lanterns, wreaths, and an Arabian carpet are typical Ramadan decorations. Muslims can buy traditional or modern Ramadan decorations locally or online. Most holiday decorations are cheap and maintain the season's vibe. The decorations help brighten people's spirits and promote a friendly atmosphere throughout Ramadan. Here are some amusing Ramadan decorations to make your home or office stand out.

Fanoos Lanterns

During Ramadan, Muslims all over the world light candles and decorate their homes. During Ramadan, places like streets, malls, hotels, offices, and homes are decorated with traditional lanterns called fanous or fanoos. The fanoos have become a symbol of the holy month all over the world, and they make people happy. You can also use decorative lights like wall lamps, string lights, floor lamps, ceiling lamps, LED decorative lights, and outdoor lighting to decorate your office for Ramadan.

Scented Candles

Besides making a nice light, candles can also help make someone feel better. Scented candles are a great way to make a place feel more welcoming and spiritual during Ramadan. Scented candles are a great choice, whether it's the strong smell of fresh lavender or the sweet floral scents of roses and peonies. Light a few at home or work and allow the relaxing scent to lift one's mood.

Street Decorations Concepts

Saudi Arabia is where the important month of Ramadan on the Islamic calendar got started. Even though the new trend is making people more consumerist, scholars in Saudi Arabia say that people shouldn't forget how important the month is spiritually. But all over the country, decorations and parties are held to keep the holiday spirit alive. The streets are decorated with homemade fanoos and other decorations for Ramadan. Food is being prepared for iftar, and old souks and homes have traditional Arabian lighting.

Ramadan is a month to restore faith in Allah and attempt DIY Islamic art ideas. Get to it now!