Advantages of iPhone Application Development for Your Business

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Advantages of iPhone Application Development for Your Business

Posted By sam anderson     September 29, 2022    


Apple has a tradition; every January, they disclose statistics to prove how well the App Store and iOS apps performed that year. This year’s announcements are an indicator of the staggering popularity and penetration of iPhone apps. Take a look…

  • There are around 2.2M apps in the App Store.
  • On an average, around 2,540 apps are released on the App Store every day.
  • In 2020, customers spent an estimated 72.3 billion U.S. dollars on in-app purchases, subscriptions, and premium apps in the Apple App Store.

These and the plethora of other App Store statistics gives the same message: Apple’s business is thriving and iPhone apps are a people’s favorite. Businesses looking to capture market share in apps would be making a lucrative deal by investing in iPhone application development for businesses.

Apple’s closest rival, Android, also has great numbers to show. But iPhone’s reach and penetration are unsurpassed. In fact, according to BGR, there is a user defection trend among Android users.

Nearly 18 percent of Android users have looked into the advantages of the iPhone and switched to the iOS platform. These advantages included the iPhone being one of the oldest smartphones. The way the iPhone managed to maintain its iron grip on users by offering consistent performance and innovation.

iPhone apps are known to be high quality and revenue generating. Both startups and established brands are investing in iPhone app development to meet their business needs and make a quick return on their investment.

Benefits of iOS App Development

1. Better App Revenue

iPhone apps have a greater ROI than Android apps. A fact that adds on to the benefits of hiring iOS App developers for the development process, to a huge extent.

To get the best of the revenue generation opportunities from your iOS application development process, keeping an eye on the mistakes, tips and tricks, and other related information would be a big advantage. Refer to our mobile app development guide formulated from the experiences of our experts to get an idea of everything worth knowing

2. Security of Enterprise Data

Intrusion into a business’s sensitive enterprise data lodged in apps is a big risk with Android apps.  on the other hand, when you compare the iPhone vs Android on the basis on security,  iPhone apps, protect firmware and software through stringent security measures such as :

  • Integrated data handling systems.
  • Measures to prevent duplication of data.
  • Measures against loss of security due to data encryption.

iPhone users are cushioned against hacking and malware and this again counts under the advantages of iPhone over Android.

3. High-Quality Standards

iPhone app development for business stays incomplete until the apps are built to pass the high-quality standards of Apple’s Play Store before they are made available to the market. When a user downloads an iPhone app, he can be assured of flawless performance and amazing experience. This trust and goodwill on Apple’s legacy have managed to garner a large and loyal consumer base for iPhone apps.

Android app developers dig into the open-source libraries and follow a non-standardized development approach. This results in apps that offer good user experience on some devices and less-than-satisfactory experience on others. iPhone users are welcomed by the same scintillating UX across all devices.

Plus, since the development of Android apps is slower, the cost of Android app development is much higher than that of iPhone development. Businesses are forced to outsource android projects to the lowest bidder who can deliver substandard products. This is the reason why Apple play store personally vets each and every app before publishing and releasing it to the market.

4. Apps for all business needs

Brands of all scales and sizes have recognized the advantages of having mobile apps for business. Consumers expect mobility and responsiveness from any business they deal with – something that comes attached with the process of iPhone app development for business. Mobile applications are the perfect gateway to reach consumers on the go and remain connected with them every moment.

iPhone apps, custom-built or off-the-shelf, are available to suit all business needs. Despite the fact that the cost of iPhone app development is somewhat higher than other options available, iPhone apps are found to be more lucrative for businesses due to their assured market reach and better-paying clients.

5. Established Customer Base

The established user base is the one Apple USP which is also one of the prime benefits of iOS application development. Apple is a pioneer in technology and applications. Although 75% of app users are Android users, Apple has a well-established niche of clients that swear by Apple’s quality and performance. In fact, it is said that once a smartphone user experiences iOS, they will never be satisfied by any other OS. Android apps have to battle stiff competition as there are too many apps crowding this segment.