Use compressed air for cleaning the evaporator coil

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Use compressed air for cleaning the evaporator coil

Posted By xingchang fan     July 16, 2020    


Clean the condenser coil by blowing off the evaporator coil with compressed air. This is a quick and potentially effective method of cleaning the coils, which has the additional feature of blowing dust, debris, and possibly mold into the building air. Air is sprayed from the cleaner side of the coil toward the dirty side, or in other words, in the direction opposite to the normal air flow through the coil. Be sure to spray from the correct side of the coil, otherwise it will only push dirt and debris deeper into the fin type coil.

If using high-pressure air to attempt to clean the coil, make sure to blow air at a right angle or directly across the coil heat sink. Blowing high-pressure air (or water or steam) on the coil fins at an angle may bend the fins, blocking the coil and possibly damaging the coil.

If only a few fins are bent on the coil, it can usually be gently straightened by using a HVAC coil comb designed specifically for this purpose. Using only compressed air to blow off the coil may leave a large amount of dust and debris inside the air handler and re-collect on the coil surface or in the eyes. To avoid damage to the coil fins, it can reduce the overflow of dust and debris and make cleaning easier.

If you haven’t cleaned the air conditioner, you will find that it will have a heavy musty smell when you turn it on again. If you breathe for a long time, your throat will be uncomfortable and cough, and the cooling and heating effect is very poor. It takes more time to achieve the use effect, which will increase Power consumption increases electricity bills, and when air conditioners spread bacteria, it also affects the health of users, so air conditioner cleaning must attract attention.

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